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Monday, September 18, 2006


Gracie had a ball last night. My little guardian cat was trying to attack a horrible green monster through the window, which was threatening to attack. (Or at least that's what I imagine she thought she was doing.)

I turned around to see her jumping up and attacking the sliding glass doors in the living room. At first I thought she was attacking her reflection, which she hasn't done before. (Not even in front of my mirrored closet doors.) I got closer, and saw the enemy. A cute little praying mantis, scurrying between the glass door and the screen. (Good thing it was on the outside, or it would have been Gracie's dinner for sure. As if I don't feed her enough!)

Funny that she will attack a praying, had it been a person at the back window, she probably would have been anxious to purr around their ankles and drool in their lap. (She's really a very friendly kitty!'s probably a good thing I live on the 2nd floor! Harder for burglers to burgle me.)

And, because I'm such a dork, I stood there at my back door snapping picture after picture until I could a good one of the praying mantis without a reflection of the flash in the window. Isn't it cute? (And now that you know how I spent my Sunday night...isn't my life oh so exciting?)


Christyn said...

I'm surprised we having praying mantis' in this area...I would have thought it was a grasshopper.

D.T. said...

LOL...I'm laughing because I'm the same way too! The other day I saw these weird lights outside my window, about a few miles south of where I live at. I figured it was just a plane, but the way it moved was odd, like it was on a pendulum, swinging back and forth. And then the light would disappear and appear in another spot altogether, which made it even more odd, and so I pulled out my video camera. And you know how when people try showing video footage of aliens or some other sort of weird creature, how it's blurry and always in nightvision? I swear, that's how my video came out, and it was even worse because I have that mesh wire for my windows. So yeah...I got close-ups of the wire and a lot of me saying, "Why the flip am I such a cliché?!"

Fluffycat said...

Go Gracie, kill that mantis.

We just got this toy called a "Cat Dancer" and my cats love it. If Gracie likes bugs, she might like it to. It flies around kind of like a bug.

Joie said...

By the look of the little bugger I would say he's a hopper. But I have found mantises on the other side of the Benicia Bridge, so they can be found there. The ones I've found may be escapees from someone's yard. They can be bought at your local hardware store for pest control.

And I didn't think it was an odd thing to do. Sounds like something I would do, but then, I guess I don't really qualify for normalcy, do I??


FFC said...

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Dagny said...

Glad to see the praying mantis lived. I have tried to train B&N to get rid of spiders for me but they always run away. But Boris and his reflection in the mirror? He goes crazy. *sigh*