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Friday, September 22, 2006

Like an open book...

You Have Your PhD in Men

You understand men almost better than anyone.
You accept that guys are very different, and you read signals well.
Work what you know about men, and your relationships will be blissful.
Now...if I truly know so much about men, why am I perpetually single? Answer that, Blogthings!
In other news, I finished a second square for CAP's grandmother, and am ready to ship them off. Made it to the grocery store tonight, picked up the shipping envelopes (um, and a whole bunch of groceries too, since I was there anyway), and forgot to get a Benicia postcard to include with the squares! Oops! So, I'll be running back over there in the morning to pick one up (they're to include in the scrapbook).


Kai said...

Hey, Tami! You'll be 'unsingle' when the time is right. It just seems to work that way. Don't rush into stuff anyhow - if you do, you COULD get one like MY ex! Eeewwww! LOL! By the way, I crochet too - you saw some of my pumpkins from a million years ago - and I did 3 squares for CAP last night. I think one is a bit OVER the 8 x 8 but Kristy can junk it if it's too big! I'm posting photos tomorrow on my blog! Nice to meet you!

Fluffycat said...

maybe you understand men too well and that is why you are single. ha ha.

Dagny said...

I too have a PhD. I agree with Fluffy Cat on what it all means. LOL

Joie said...

Ok, I'll be honest.

I think you understand guys pretty well. I just think there aren't very many available ones around you, and when they are around, somehow you end up stuck in the "sister" or "buddy" role. How you change that, beats the hell out of me. But that's my thought.

(Don't kill me!!)