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Monday, September 04, 2006

Final Goody Package!

I got my finished project from my One Skein Pal on Friday night! It's a very cute little clutch purse with 3 little black cat buttons.

And the booklet is a reprint of crochet patterns/lessons from 1915. It has some cute little items in it. How did she know I was into the vintage stuff? :)

Now...I need to get out to the post office and mail my package to MY secret pal!


Joie said...

That clutch is totally cute! The kitty buttons were a great addition. It looks so you!
I bet that book is neat! Did you get that email with the knitting place I sent. I actually have a couple other sites with vintage knitting/crochet reprints if you are interested.
Happy Tuesday!
(At least this makes it a short week!!!)

Cate said...

Hooray! Glad it arrived OK, and so glad you like it!


D.T. said...

Oh WOW...1915, huh? Are you gonna be making any vintage projects anytime soon?

Dagny said...

The cat buttons are adorable.