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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

All in all, it was a good day. I got to work on time this morning (totally unprecedented!) and my desk was all decorated with streamers. Quite nicely too (would have taken a picture, but for once, I didn't have my camera on me). The file cart was set up behind my cubicle, covered with phase 1 of the surprise potluck food (non-perishables and breakfasty things). I had a nice card and a little giftie from one of my co-workers waiting on my chair.

More food came out later - fruits, barbecue meatballs, was an all day food-fest. (I doubt I'll be getting to goal at Weight Watcher's this week! I'm weak, you know...)

My boss told me to prepare to head out early (but I ended up staying anyway...there was enough socializing throughout the day that I don't feel cheated). And I actually managed to get some work done, which was also good. Another co-worker did a Starbucks run in my honor (and treated everyone), so that we all had caffiene with our cake in the afternoon. Chocolate chip ice cream cake - yum!!

After work, I went out shopping with Christyn (she was going to take me out for dinner, but after stuffing our faces all day, we just weren't hungry). We ran to the mall and tried on dresses at Macy's. Christyn is actually looking for a dress for an upcoming wedding. I only tried stuff on because she made me! We had fun.

When I got home there was a package waiting for me from my Aunt Fran (quite a surprise for me, actually!) She sent me hand-made earrings (cute - cats and little blue beads), 2 cookbooks and a wooden cat & fish figurine. :)

And now, the sun has gone down on yet another birthday, and it is past my old-lady bedtime. Thank you everyone for your happy birthday wishes!!


Cheryl said...

Sorry this is late,but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 31--My oh my you are still such a baby--I wish I were 31 again.

kerri said...

Happy Birthday late! I have a card for you and will take you out when I see you! Wecome to the you're officially in the 30's club! Things are INSANE!!! Sorry no one ever hears from me anymore!

Gloria said...

Hey! Happy birthday from one Virgo to another!

Christyn said...

Glad you had a good birthday yesterday. I think we all (okay, maybe you and I) ate way too much. It didn't help the food cart thing was RIGHT BEHIND OUR DESK! I think we need to vote taht we move the thing somewhere else. I think I gained 5 lbs yesterday by just whelling back 3 feet for food. But hey, it was your bday, so I won't complain.
Glad you enjoyed the ice cream's even good the next day too, huh? :)

Thanks again for going shopping with me last night, and again today at lunch! :) At least I finally found we just have to shop for shoes! :)

Oh, and whenever you are ready for your birthday dinner, I'll take you out! :)

Have a great day!

Dagny said...

Oh, but this was just the start of your season. I am sure there is much more to come. Happy birthday!

Tami said...

Dagny - I was just thinking that! And it is still early in the season to will be a birthday weekend in the general Sacramento area...

Buffy said...

Happy belated birthday. Hope it was fabulous.

Jose said...

Well happy belated birthday. Aren't us Virgo's the best, he he he. For the past six or seven years I just take my birthday off, I don't go to work and this year it will be a three-day weekend yeiii.

So I'll turn 47 on Monday, three more years and the big 5-0 will be here, god providing of course.

It's been a good life so far, 25th Wedding Anniversary is in October, and 3 kids and 5 grandkids later I'm still feeling as young as ever.

I love your template, everytime I see it I get nostalgic because this was my original template before my daughter made me my current one.

D.T. said...

Ok, so I'm gone for just a few days, and here you go having a birthday and all without me! Sheesh...LOL! Anyways, yeah, Happy Birthday! Congratulations on surviving your 30th and making it for a whole 'nother year and here's to another 31 years!

P.S. Is it true that ice cream cake does taste as good as the second day? I wouldnt know since my fat ass wouldnt let me let that good ish go to waste!