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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Crochet for a Cause

As many of you know, one of the blogs I most frequently visit is Crazy Aunt Purl. Well, Laurie (CAP herself) has a grandmother that has just recently been settled into a convalescent hospital. Laurie has been visiting her grandma and also visiting grandma's neighbor's (at least, Mr. Hakim) in the home. So, Kristy, another faithful CAP stalker, uh, I mean reader, came up with the idea for everyone to combine our efforts and make a comforting afghan for Laurie's grandma. She set up a knitalong site for this project, asking for donations of 8" squares, that she will collect and combine into an afghan.

So far, the response has been astounding. As of right now (10:39pm on Tuesday night) there are 160 people signed up, with many of them contributing multiple squares. It looks like Kristy will be able to assemble afghans for half the residents at the home!

If you are interested in making up a square or two for this project, or helping Kristy join the squares into the finished afghans, please visit this site for details and to sign up.

As for me, I've signed up for 2 squares, but might do more. I bought some cozy yarn today, and whipped this square up when I got home. The yarn is actually more pastel than it appears in this shot. And it will look better when the pins are out. It's mid-block at this point. (Grandma Purl should be touched. I almost NEVER block any projects! Actually, it sounds like GP is already touched, according to Laurie's account of her reaction when she was told we were doing this.)


Kristy said...

Tami, thank you so much! This square is really beautiful and I can't wait to see what else you come up with. Thank you, too, for the lovely post. It is great to have so many people interested and I can't wait to see how many squares we end up with. It will be so amazing to see how many residents we can wrap up in the knitted and crocheted love!!

Dagny said...

That is a lovely square.

RC said...

Oh My! Excellent aquare!
Darn, now I wish I crocheted one of mine instead of the knitting!

Anonymous said...

How sweet this project is! Those residents are lucky indeed.

Dr. B. said...

This is stunningly beautiful! It's a lovely reminder of how great crochet can be.

Kristy said...

Hi Tami!

Nope, I would not be at all averse to multiple mailings. You just mail with wild abandon! :) I love getting mail!

Today the very first package of squares arrived (Dr. B) and I've shown them to everyone who has come through my office. I guess it was a good thing to have a few arrive here - it gave me a chance to show them off and now 3 knitters that I work with (I didn't even know they were knitters!!) are going to make a square or two for the project.

Thanks again!

P.S. Can you drop me an email with your email address? It makes replying to questions a lot quicker.