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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

She's Crafty...

Okay, so even though I've given up buying anything craft related until after Lent is over, I think I can manage to keep myself busy. Since finishing the blanket for Jodie, I've picked up the the cable purse again. After hearing back from the designer about the pattern correction, I completed a few more rows and then realized that I'd been increasing by 1 stitch per row somehow, and ended up ripping it almost completely out again. But I think I'm back on track now... I am definitely determined though!

In addition to that, I've volunteered to help Kristy sew up extra squares from the Knit a Square for Grandmother Purl project. (See the first finished blanket here, which will be delivered to Laurie this coming Saturday.) I should be receiving a package of loose squares soon and will get cracking on the sewing up.

I am glad to help and to offer some support to Kristy, who organized the whole thing out of the goodness of her generous heart, and sadly had some pretty traumatic events happen in her life over the past few months, which set the project back a bit. There have been some pretty nasty comments on the Knit-a-long site about how disappointed people are that the blanket hasn't been delivered yet. I was pretty upset to read them myself, as I know that Kristy has not had an easy time of it since we got together to sew squares the first time. I feel for her and think people need to realize that this she is an individual, not a corporation or a large charity, and life happens. She, as an individual, does not have the resources and support systems to complete a project of this size while grieving, traveling to funerals, and recovering from multiple surgeries. (Not to mention working full time when physically able to do so.)

Luckily, there have also been some very supportive comments to back her up as well. I'm hoping she has more supporters that simply haven't spoken up. (Sadly, people are more likely to speak out when they have a negative comment than a positive one.)


Kristin said...

so thats what you have been doing. Good luck and good girl

Dagny said...

Send me a list of those folks who gave Kristy a bad time and I will have them dealt with. I know some guys in North Beach...

Oops. That's right. I'm supposed to be nice these days. But it still stinks that folks are making a fuss. If it's so important to them, then perhaps they should have spearheaded the project.

Of course, I am still having visions of Luca Brasi but perhaps they will pass like a case of indigestion.

FFC said...

Thank you so much for posting such a nice post. I have been with Kristy during this entire ordeal (life and the blanket project) and she feels defeated. I know that it is just about two or three people who have been nasty and I know for a fact that one of them has sent her a very nice apology e-mail. But like I told Kristy, the ones that have been mean take away from all the other nice comments. Thank you for offering to help her! As you know, I am no help when it comes to knitting or whatever it is you people do. ;)

Sometimes I think it is easier for some people to be mean than nice.

Again, thank you!

Mom said...

I went on the blanket site and saw the completed blanket - what an amazing project...each square is unique - with different patterns knitted into the square - even an American flag - and it has only taken 5 or 6 months - that is a minisculine amount of time. You know my quilt project - the quilt top was pieced together in the 1930's by my great grandmother - given to my mother in the 1940's , given to me after she passed away in 1991. Basted together with cotton batting and backing by you and me in the 1990's and some minor quilting started - by hand to be authentic - by me around 1999 and continued in the 2000's and in 2007 still not done - that's 75 years in the making (I don't think the pyramidstook that long)...and I still love the quilt because of the memories, the history and the generations who have touched and worked on it. Tami, I am so proud of your participation in this project - and everyone who worked on it should all feel proud. The fact that it has been done in such a short period of time is amazing because life does happen, and will continue to happen and knowing that there are people still willing to help out a stranger with no promise of reward or recognition renews my faith in the world.