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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Grandmothers and Deliveries

How unexpected was the end of Gray's Anatomy?? I didn't really see that coming...Did you?

Okay, now that that's out of the way, on to more substantial topics...

Grandma Purl (Crazy Aunt Purl's grandmother) got her blanket last Saturday. Laurie put the story on her blog with plenty of photos and narrative. Check it out! The last photo (grandma opening the box) is priceless! I'd have posted the photo here, but I wasn't sure Laurie would appreciate me stealing her family photos... Also, I didn't think I could do it justice in my own words. Go visit - it is both heartwarming and amusing!

In other news, my friend Jodie, who I mentioned had been in labor for 36 hours already in last Tuesday's post, has still not had the baby. Little Cooper does not want to be born yet, and after 2 days (yep, 2 whole days) of labor with no progress towards birth, the hospital sent her home to rest. She gets to go through the whole inducement process again tomorrow. Poor Jodie!! So, again, I am wishing her luck, and a never-ending supply of pain killers... And I'm also hoping that Cooper is born strong and stubborn (no people, not because I wish a difficult child on Jodie, but rather so that he is in good shape for the surgery he will need to correct his diaphragmatic hernia). Cooper will be in the hospital for a while after his birth, and I think that Jodie and her husband would appreciate all of your prayers and support.


Mom said...

I read Aunt Perl's blog - when her grandmother said she was here because of all the prayers ... I sobbed - as they say - "All's well that ends well!"

Joie said...

That was so sweet.

Ugh 36 hours of labor?? OW!!

I was also born with a hernia. I had it corrected when I was about a month old. As I understand it, it wasn't a very difficult surgery, if that is any comfort. I don't remember if it's the same kind though. I'll keep Jodie in my prayers.

Pancho said...

I saw the ending of "Grey's Anatomy' coming from a mile away, I called it and Laura is my witness. Now on to the baby news, geeze, let me count my blessings I'm a guy and only have to deal with shaving daily and generally ruining the laundry when I do it. We're pulling for you though Jodie,(sending positive vibes in your direction)

Fluffycat said...

Sorry about your friend's labor. That sounds so stressful, but I hope the baby comes out soon and she isn't in too much pain.

Kristin said...

So I dont watch Grey's Anatomy at all.
Regarding Jodie, well its Saturday at 9 AM and still no word about a baby. Hoping she doesn't mind a St.Pattys day baby and it is today. He had a due date of March 23rd (they induced due to the diaphramatic hernia) so maybe since he doesnt want to come out yet, he will wait until his due date. Hang in there JOdie and Mark.

Kerri said...

Jodie's in my thoughts and Prayers. I also had some hernia thing, when I was a baby, had it corrected when I was 2 or 3. :) Everything will be ok.

Absoluteley and totally disappointed in GA's episode. I saw it coming from a mile away too.