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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Big Loser

Phew! I seem to have finally broken my weight gain trend... I am down another 1lb+ today, as of weigh in. Just goes to show that following the WW plan really does work. I've been back on track the last two weeks (tracking and everything!) and it's paying off. I hope I don't blow it all next week when I'm on vacation!

In other news (there really isn't much going on around here), I joined the no-end-in-sight-ripple-along. See the snazzy new button gracing my sidebar - it's clickable! Anyway, I found the blog last weekend and figured that in the spirit of my no-new-craft-purchases-during-Lent, this was an ideal project to work on. I don't have to buy any new yarn, and I'll get a big old afghan I can toss over my bed in the wintertime. (I don't have too many blankets here. I keep making them and giving them away! I have one that I keep on my couch that I made for myself a few years ago.) Anyway, since it uses all the random yarns leftover from old projects, I'm not sure what it's going to end up looking like. Hopefully it won't be hideous! It will be containing random stripes and different textures (I posted more detail on the CAL site, if anyone is interested)'s what I've done so far:

And, since it's a never ending project, I don't have to worry about making any deadlines. Which also means that I can pick it up and put it down at will. (Christyn, you'll still get your baby blanket.) And on the very off chance that I run out of yarn, it's random anyway, so new stuff that comes in can just transition into the (non) pattern.

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Christyn said...

Yeah!!! I was wondering. " she still gonna make a baby blanket?" :) No worries if you can't, I'll just go to your place and steal the one off your couch! :) JK!