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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Shower Season

Shower season has begun - only this year it will be baby showers instead of wedding... I have 3 friends that are expecting. And they're due in March, May and June. Perhaps my lenten sacrifice (no more buying for crafts until Easter) wasn't timed well.

Luckily, I had already purchased the materials for the first afghan of the season. I made the Diagonal Baby Blanket pattern offered on the Lion Brand Website. I really like how it will stripe diagonally with a variegated yarn (I used Homespun in Delft). Here's a shot of the finished blanket:
And amazingly, I finished it in time. I ended up ripping out the first half, since my guage was too tight and it was going to end up way too small, even for an infant. (Which is why I should have done a guage swatch.) I ended up using a hook 3 sizes larger to get the size right. I then ended up ripping out half of the second half, since I read the pattern wrong and wasn't decreasing enough per row. But, I still had time to try a nifty technique I stole from someone else's blog, and I made a label for it, of which I am inordinately proud. Here's a picture of the tag on the blanket.
The shower was Saturday, when I presented the blanket to expectant mother Jodie. She seemed pleased with the gift. So, I am too. Even though I'm not impressed by how I attached that label. Oh well. :) The shower was fun, and so was the food (always an important part of a party). It was mostly Jodie's neighbors (most of whom are pregnant) and a couple of friends. Her sister and step-mother were the hosts, and I'd say we were a pretty lively group. I'm so used to being one of the organizer/hostesses that it's almost weird to just be a guest! I did stay and help a little with the clean up. And possibly overstayed my welcome (I hope not though).

So, to close, here's a shot of me and the expectant mother. Let's all wish her a healthy delivery of her little baby boy!


Caitlin said...

Love the pretty blanket. I want to know how you did the label and got the pretty script on there. I think it came out great. Good job!

Kristy said...

The blanket is beautiful! You always do such pretty stuff.

Can you send me an email with your mailing address? I need to send you your prize for being one of the first knitter/crocheters to send in your Grandmother Purl square.

crickitleigh (at) hotmail (dot) com

Fluffycat said...

Your friends are about a year behind mine, since last year I had 3 pregnant friends, and it was two years ago with all the weddings.

Dagny said...

Such a pretty blanket. Do you make them in big kids sizes as well? And yes, that's a hint.

Kristin said...

Great blanket. I wored the poncho to the shower last week and Jodie loved it. Heeehhhheeee I told her you made it she was sort of amazed or something. I told her maybe one day she will be lucky enough to own something you made. Bad me as I knew what you were doing. Glad it was good and stuff. She should have a fine delivery, just hope he does fine once here and the surgery he will get goes fine. Beautiful blanket, i Like the stripes

Christyn said...

I love the blanket, it's so pretty!!! :) Can you make my lil "June baby" one too? :) Actually, I have a feeling you'll have one in the works soon! Can I have an adult size one too?!?!? (I promise my dog won't chew it up!!!)

Have a great day!!