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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Artistic Ambition

I picked up the Spring 2007 issue of Family Circle Easy Crochet and found my next new project: This may very well be the most ambitious project I'll have attempted to date...But seriously, how cute is that purse? So, for once in my life, I actually made a guage swatch before running out and buying yarn. I happened to have the right type of yarn at home, just not in the right shade. So, I made about 3 of these:
before getting the right guage. I guess I crochet tightly, because I had to go up 2 whole hook sizes to make it right. (And I always thought I crocheted pretty loosely.) Anyway, I ran out and purchased all the necessary supplies, including 2 yards of lavendar silk ribbon (surprisingly low priced), so that I'd have it all to work on while on vacation in Southern CA. Suffice it to say, that weekend came and went, and I have finished this:
Doesn't quite look like the photo does it? And to me, this piece, which is supposed to be the base of the purse, looks awfully long... And yet I checked my guage and everything! Woe is me...Now, I'm off to attempt to work on it - and hope that I haven't already screwed it up.


Jill said...

VERY CUTE PURSE! I can't wait to see your version of it! :)

FCEC is a great magazine ... although I thought they were no longer publishing! Did you find it in a bookstore or did you order on-line?

Joie said...

That purse is totally cute!!

But you're right, I am not sure how what you've got turns into it, but then sometimes when I am sewing I look at the pieces and cannot figure out how they turn into the garmet either.

Happy crocheting!!

kerri said...

CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one! Have fun! I like yours equally as much as the "professional one"