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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's "That Day" Again

I do have to say that it was generally a pretty good day. Then again, unlike last year, I don't have a recently broken heart. Funny how that helps, huh?

And this year, I have a Valentine to cuddle with on my couch while watching the finale of Beauty & the Geek and crocheting. And they were all over me last night, before settling down and falling asleep next to me in bed. That's right. I know you're jealous.

But don't get too excited - it's my little kitty Gracie. Doesn't she look all demure and serene? Don't be fooled! She had just finished attacking me (and more frighteningly, my yarn!!) before hopping up on the back of the couch.


Kristin said...

Well this is the day where the naked baby flies around shooting people in the ass with an arrow. So today I could buy 1 dozen roses for $39.99 and tomorrow or next week they go back to like $15. Whatever. Does it make you feel better we got pizza and i did laundry. Exciting huh

Tami said...

Sadly, it does make me feel better! Also, my friend Stacey doesn't celebrate - she has always thought it was a pointless holiday, since you should be doing that romantic crap for the one you love all the time. :)

I paid bills. Wee!

And haven't made it over to the couch yet to crochet. But I did watch the Beauty and the Geek finale. Gotta love that Nate!!

Kerri said...

I agree with Stacey 1000% (as you know). And yes, Kristin that makes ME feel better too! :)OMG, I watched a BATG marathon a week or 2 ago, and got hooked, but then I forgot ALL about it. Who won? Nate? What happened? LOL!

Fluffycat said...

Cats make the best valentines.

Dagny said...

Beauty and the Geek? I don't know about you but I wanted to reach into the TV and slap Cece.

Tami said...

Dagny - I was so proud of Nate for telling people not to vote for him because CeCe didn't deserve to win! I guess there are people with souls left, whose lives aren't ruled by the almighty dollar.

Kerri - watch it! Then watch Grey's Anatomy!