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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Random Thursday Ramblings

Okay, so I hit a bit of a snag in my purse progress...not an actual snag (nope, try as she might, the cat has not yet managed to snag this particular project - though she was sitting on me stalking it with her eyes). I got to round 6 of the project, at which point the pattern ceases to make all sense. I actually wrote to the editor (email) to see if there are any mistakes in the pattern or corrections available. If I don't hear from her, I'll rip it out a few rows and try again. If I have the same problem after that, I'll just attempt to do it the way that would make sense to me. And hope that doesn't waste a nice amount of merino wool.

Anyway, anyone else out there watch Grey's Anatomy tonight? Holy Crap - could they get any more dramatic? Talk about a cliffhanger. Now, I know they're not offing Grey (it's "Grey's" Anatomy, after all), but dang! And the little girl (no doubt in shock after all she had witnessed) was just a bit creepy at the end.

Remember how I mentioned that I'd finally completed traffic school to clear my ticket (from APRIL!)? Well, when I got my new insurance policy, it charged me approximately $480 for a "minor violation." They had renewed the policy before the date I completed the class, so I called them and had them re-run the MVR. It's still on my report. So, I called NTSA to reissue the certificate of completion to the court, who is supposed to forward it to the DMV to remove the violation from my record. Well, I certainly don't trust the courts system at this point, so I need to call them tomorrow to make sure they've received the cert and sent it to the DMV.

In addition to that, my credit union STILL doesn't seem to think my car is adequately insured. Even though the complete policy declarations were faxed to them from their own branch (I had taken it in myself). They apparently don't know how to read, as the collision and comprehension coverage, with their prescribed deductibles, are clearly listed within the decs, one appearing directly above the other. How annoying. So, when I was on the phone with my insurance agent about the MVR thing, I requested that he fax the policy to the lienholder. He stated he was doing it right then...I am hoping that he did.

Blah. Tomorrow is Friday. Yay! And Saturday, I go out to a fondue place in Berkeley with Kristin and a group of friends. We did that about 2 years ago, and it was great. We won't have as many people in the group this time, but I think we'll still have plenty of fun.


Kristin said...

So you will figure out the purse. YOu can start on a project for the crab feed next year. You have 11 months. Then again you have friends having babies so you probably have projects to do.
Fondue Freds will be fun, I think we will have at least 6 or 7 people by the time people back out and Jim is brining 1or 3 other people. So I dont know what to expect. Hoping we have fun. Yay

Pancho said...

Laura has sucked me into Grey's Anatomy, and now it's like crack that I need to survive, and it looks like George lies to the mother that he found her son so she'd have the surgery, now he's screwed! Good going marriage boy!

Christyn said...

Ahhhh...I was so anxiety ridden last during and after Grey's Anatomy...I can't wait a week for the next Pancho's like crack. I NEED IT NOW!! (I have no experience in that area btw!) It is shows like that where I kinda wish it was a serial soap opera type thing, where it shows everyday!

Jim (my hubby for those who don't know) didn't watch Grey's Anatomy with me, but I told him about the surgeons goign to the site...and he totally didn't understand that b/c he used to be (and again will be) an EMT/Medic. He said, "Surgeon's going to an MCI (mass casualty incident) just doesn't happen in the real world!!" He can't stand shows where it's not true to life. HA HA! Maybe I'd be the same if there was some Mortgage show out there...right Tami?? :)

7 Days!! (Till Grey's...not for the Ring!!)

D.T. said...

I like Random Thursday Ramblings! So interesting and so much fun! Actually, I like how this whole car ticket ordeal is turning out! much longer til the whole thing clears, you know? Thank God your life revolves around the tickt and nothing else, right? Sheesh.

And I cant believe I missed Grey's! Dont tell me what happened until after I see it online!

kerri said...

Grey's Anatomy was pretty freakin'unbelieveable. Hope you had a good weekend. Hope to see you next weekend!

Dagny said...

Sorry about all the car drama.