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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Superbowl Sunday

So, did everyone enjoy the game today? How about the commercials? Truth be told, I wasn't that excited about either of them.

I went over to Pancho and Laura's apartment for their Superbowl/Commercial Viewing party. We had a small crowd, and only a few people were actually into the game. The rest of us were there for the commercials and the food. The food was good - and Laura had quite a spread there.
The commercials though...well, I didn't really think they were as amusing as they have been in the past. A few weren't too bad though (the white dog/dalmation one was amusing, and the beard combover, the careerbuilder ads were amusing...). You can judge for yourself, and watch them all here.

Earlier in the week, Pancho and I had conspired a little to do a bit of a birthday celebration for Kristin. He got her a bunch of birthday balloons, and I brought a cake. We tortured her by making her wait until after the 3rd quarter for her cake though. (heheheh) And the torture continued as we lit the candles and made her listen to us all singing. But the cake seemed to be a success. :)

So, that was my exciting Sunday. It was fun, and because Pancho made a point of mentioning that he might end on my blog, I can't disappoint him by leaving him out. He ended up with the hiccups towards the end - drink enough Pancho? (And I hope he realizes that I never would have mentioned it if he hadn't made that comment.)


Dagny said...

Cake. Yum.

Pancho said...

Ok, I didn't hiccup cause I drank too much, that's a cartoon myth. I just got the hiccups, on that note, I'm to the bar, see ya later.

Jill said...

I'd like that cake now. Thanks! :)

...and I've seen better commercials during breaks of 24.

Kristin said...

Mmmmm the cake was yummy and that was really nice of you guys to do the birthday thing. Thank you !!!!!!!!