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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Woo hoo! I finally figured out how to add photos! So, here we go...

Here's a shot of my latest work in progress. This is the top back and front panels of the "Short 'N Sweet" bolero from the S&B Happy Hooker. So far so good, other than having to rip out the last row (joining the front panels to the back to form the armholes) 3 times because I was tired and reading the instructions for the wrong row...whoops! But I finally figured it out and it's looking good again. I really like the shell pattern.

Just another shot.

I finished this cute capelet (also out of the Happy Hooker) for a friend. I love it! It's so cute and I hope my friend likes it. My only worry is the color...(I think it's great, but not sure it's something she wears much). And yes, I even made the pompons....(they're not my favorite embellishment, but the ties looked naked without them, so I made little ones. They're not all that round was my first try.)

And finally, here's a photo of one of the socks I finished this year (first finished objects of the year). Hardest thing I've created to date. (Things, if you consider that I had to make 2.) I was pretty pleased with the results. :)

As a footnote (no pun intended!), that hideous background to the first 3 photos are my lovely couch... I swear I have the ugliest couches ever. And to think that these (there's a sofa and loveseat) used to be my mother's pride and joy in our formal living room. I've finally gotten her to admit that they're not as great as she once thought. They're not even comfortable... And I attempted to find slipcovers to fit, but the couches are the wrong shape. :(


brown-eyed girl said...

I'm digging the sock (stripes rule!) and the purple capelet. Yay!

Tami said...

Thanks! I'm REALLY tempted to keep the capelet for myself...but I won't.