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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Long Live Dr. Seuss!!

Well, I had a really busy day yesterday. I met up with some friends and went down to the Children's Discovery Museum ( in San Jose to check out the Dr. Seuss exhibit. It was cool, but unfortunately none of our friends with children were able to make it. We did plenty of our own exploring though, and it was still fun. I will always be a kid at heart! And in what my possibly have been a global first, our friend Jodie was at the museum to meet us before we even got there (she is usually late, more so even than me!).

After the museum, we walked around downtown (through a protest rally against the proposed immigration laws) and had lunch at an excellent Thai restaurant. (A Taste of Siam, or something like that... I'm glad that I can still enjoy Thai food, even though I was really introduced to it by my ex-boyfriend. I guess it's progress that I can again enjoy things that he and I enjoyed together.)

So, after lunch, we all walked back to the museum and Kristin and I dropped Jodie off at home and headed over to the Great Mall in Milpitas on a shoe shopping mission. (Surprisingly, we couldn't convince Jodie to shop with us!) I didn't find what I was looking for, but Kristin picked up a cute pair of light blue Keds for only $15! Not a bad deal. We also checked all the bridal type shops in search of a light blue flower girl dress for her niece. No luck there though. Peeking at the wedding dresses was a little bit depressing for me though...since I had been convinced that Fred and I would have eventually married (which I am no longer convinced of...since he dumped me). But it could have been worse.

After the mall, it was off to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. Where I threw my diet to the wind and ate whatever looked good...and too much of that to boot. Kristin's fiancee met us there and picked up the tab (thanks Shannon!!). They are so affectionate and cute together, and that actually was a little hard for me, because Fred and I used to be like that. And it made me miss him a lot. Which I've been doing anyway, but this tossed it in my face. And just made me want him back again. (Which I've also been doing anyway, irrational as it is - but I'm still not convinced we couldn't have worked out. I can't help it. I loved him so much, but I guess I will never really know what was/is going on in his head. I just want him back in my life.)

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