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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Nice Guys Finish Last

Sometimes I feel like one of the last honest people on Earth. I find it rather frightening to see how many people get by in life on lies and manipulation. Reality TV seems to encourage this behavior and exploit it to no end…not that I don't watch my fair share of Reality TV. In fact, part of my little rant here is based on it… (But loosely) Mainly, I'm addicted to the Apprentice and America's Next Top Model, and that's about it for my "reality" TV, aside from the occasional American Idol audition. I justify my addiction to these by comparing them to game shows…

But I digress. Here's a little background. I work in the Risk area of a large mortgage company. I review and re-underwrite closed loans for underwriting issues/possible fraud/payment defaults - anything that might make a loan ineligible for sale to an investor. So, I see a lot of dishonesty in my job, because the investors notify us of the loans that they have found "issues" with. I've become rather jaded, but I only see the bad stuff that gets through. There is a level of vindication though, since my department finds these guys out and can go after them for fraud (if indeed that is the case). So, this morning 2 e-mails went out from upper management alerting the department to 2 separate fraud schemers that had been convicted. We don't get these notifications all that often (I guess the mortgage fraud rings don't make headlines that often), but they're always interesting to read, to see what is being done. These two were reeling in unsuspecting "investors" (whose credit the ringleaders were using to obtain mortgages on properties with inflated values, and fraudulent documents were created to qualify the borrowers for the loans). So, the ringleaders walk away with all the money, never pay the mortgage payments and destroy the "investor/victim's" credit rating. I just don't know how these people sleep at night (I know, on comfy beds surrounded by expensive trinkets and comforts).

I just hate that it seems like so many dishonest, mean-spirited people seem to get ahead in this world. I'm sure that's nothing new though. As for the Apprentice and ANTM, I like to think that the producers edit out the nice things and keep in all the nasty stuff (I know it makes for better ratings). But it's amazing how some people treat others while cameras are rolling. I wonder how bad they are when there aren't any witnesses. And the manipulation….I don't even know where to start.

What ever happened to the golden rule? When did it become okay to take advantage of others for your own personal gain? Didn't these people's parents teach them anything??

**Please don't take this to mean that I think I'm perfect…Believe me, I have my moments of nastiness, but I still hold honesty and integrity in high regard**


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