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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Panic at the Cubicle

More like panic in the restroom, but I didn't want the title to give you all the wrong idea.

I am a moron. Okay, maybe I'm being a little hard on myself. I should rephrase that with a less self-deprecatory slant... I make poor handbag choices.

I'm writing this post from work, at 7pm. Yep, because I stranded myself here. Not on purpose of course. It's totally my purse's fault. My accessories are out to get me.

I was ready to leave the office at 6:15, after packing all of my necessary files to take home with me, since I'm scheduled to work from home tomorrow. So far so good. (For those who don't know yet - my usual hours are 9am-6pm, so I wasn't really lingering that long.) I headed to my last stop - potty time (my mother trained me well). I completed washing my hands with the cheap stinky soap they are now supplying (I never knew soap could smell so unpleasant, but this stuff does!), and went to pull my car keys out of my purse.

Now, I know I put them in my purse this morning after getting out of the car, because I distinctly remember double-checking to make sure I didn't lock them in the car. I'm not sure what good this does, since I have usually already locked said car prior to making sure the keys were on me. Anyway, they are not where I remember placing them. The problem was, I didn't drive anywhere today. I went to pick up some cheesecakes with Christyn at lunch, and she drove. (No, I did not have cheesecake for lunch, but the thought did cross my mind. And Christyn's.)

So I rummage through my purse searching. Nothing. Check the coat pockets - nothing. Check my jeans pockets - nothing. Now really, what sense did checking my jeans have? If my keys had been in my pockets, I'd have been in pain a while ago, and it would have been obvious.

Trying not to panic, but figuring that I could call the Hyundai road assistance number if necessary to let me in the car (and hopefully start it for me?), I head back over to my cubicle to see if maybe I took out the keys when I pulled out my jury summons earlier. (Which I do not have to appear for tomorrow, but have to check again tomorrow night for a possible Thursday appearance.) No keys at the desk.

I took everything out of my purse, and pockets, and they are nowhere. Visualizing my poor sad keys abandoned at the parking lot of John & Jill's Cheesecakes, where I bent down to pick up a dollar (free money!) earlier, I made a last ditch effort and called Christyn to check her passenger seat.

Hallelujah! There they sat, in the footwell of her car. They must have fallen out of my purse while we were driving. (Here's the purse connection - if I could choose a purse that actually zipped closed, this might not happen. On the other hand, I've had zip closure purses and always fill them to the point of un-zip-ability, so that solution is out.)

Of course, my first thought was to tell her not to drive all the way back down here, and to offer instead to meet her halfway. Duh! Can't start car without the keys. So, she was loading her car with grocieries when I talked to her, and had to run home quickly before heading back here. I feel bad for inconveniencing her - I totally owe her big time now. So, this post is dedicated to Christyn! Right now, her happiness is KEY! (haha...I crack me up.)

Maybe I should finish up that baby blanket I meant to finish before her 6 month old was born...(it's actually in progress now, again! Third time is a charm, right?)


Dagny said...

Christyn totally rocks!

The last time I lost my keys like that, my car key had fallen off of the ring -- in the car! And on the first search after the AAA guy had shown up, I still couldn't find the key. Luckily I was near home. He drove me home to pick up my spare car key. Shortly after returning to my car, I found the missing car key.

Kristin said...

You just do not want me to comment on you and your purse. Good grief.
Brownie points for Christyn,you owe her some babysitting for full day or something

Christyn said...

You're welcome...and no problem... Just glad they were in my car and not in the parking lot...b/c who knows if we would have found them.
Have a good day tomorrow, working from home. :)

Kristin said...

Where did the links go on your blog, you used to have jodies on there i think?

Christyn said...

Her links are on there, including Jodie's.

Joie said...

I'm glad things worked out well. Those situations can be very stressful. Yay for Christyn, your rescuer.

D.T. said...

Awwww...what a great friend you have there! YAY CHRISTYN! She sounds like a total keeper and if I were you, I'd include a day of babysitting with that blanket. Nothing says "You Mean A Lot To Me" to a mother than the sweet offer of babysitting.

Kristin said...

Those links were not there last night. I kept looking. I swear they were not there.