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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Well, we got additional information about the severance plan today (no info on the retention package yet though). The severance is paid out based on length of time with the company, and is in the form of regular paychecks, including benefits. That's good, since it won't be taxed as a bonus and we won't have to do COBRA during that time. Also, in addition to the severance, the company is giving everyone 60 days paid notice, during which we'll receive our regular paychecks and benefits and not be required to work. (This is a legal requirement.) The severance begins after the 60 day notice period is over.

A lot of people were finishing up their last day today, and will be back tomorrow for the career development seminar. It's weird to see so many people go all at once. Sad. It will be worse tomorrow after the seminar. Then, with those of us left (outside of my department anyway) being spread out so much in the building, it will be quite different.

And speaking of sad, they cleaned out the marketing closet today and it was a madhouse in the hallway where they were placing the loot. It was pathetic...what a bunch of vultures! (And me at the forefront!) Dad - expect some goodies.

In other news, I made this the other day and wore it to work yesterday:
I liked the clasp so much I wore it in front
This is freshwater pearls and czech glass beads on wire. I got a few compliments on it, and some people telling me I should make more and sell them. I'm thinking about Etsy, but don't really know how it works. Here's a close-up:
I'm not sure how sturdy the wire is though, and am afraid it might break after a few wearings. I'll see how long it lasts. I don't know the best type of wire to use to crochet jewelry - I just hope this one didn't contain any lead.


Dagny said...

Interesting severance package. And I am sure you grabbed plenty of swag.

The necklace is breathtaking. If you're going to make them for money, you should start now before your job ends, if it does at all. That way you could possibly have a thriving business by the time the other shoe drops.

Joie said...

Cool necklace!

I've actually been thinking about giving Etsy a go with some of my crafting projects. I also know nothing. I'll share if I get around to looking into it before you.

And congrats on the goodies!

Joie said...

I did some looking on Etsy today. It looks pretty easy. Free to sign up, twenty cents per item to list, and 3.5% fee at sale.

Orelinde_03 said...

Tami...I am so sorry to hear what is going down at your place of business. *hugs* to you in this wacked-out time.

On one hand I would be relieved as to not to be getting axed yet. On the other hand it's hard to see someone lose a job.

A lot of stuff going on here, and I plan to fill all in on my blog soon. I am still catching up from vacation.

Beautiful stuff you're making. If you want to be comissioned, I would buy something off of you. To give you a heads up...if time permits, start making loads of stuff now. That way when the holidays roll around, you can make a killing on sales, and not kill yourself rushing to crank out the pieces.