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Monday, August 27, 2007

Open to Suggestions

Okay, I'm seriously considering opening an Etsy shop where I can sell hand made jewelry and crocheted items. But, I need a business name. Any suggestions? Seriously, I need your help. Drop me a line with a good (or even mediocre) suggestion for what to call my little shop.

My reservations with opening a shop are that I'm not sure how often I'll be able to add anything to the shop, and I don't know if anyone will buy anything. Also, will I get in gear and ship any sales quickly? (I don't expect to have a ton of volume or anything, so this shouldn't be too much of a problem as long as I check my email frequently...) And, would I have to report the income on taxes? How does that work? How do I know how much to charge for things?

Argh...too many questions...


Orelinde_03 said...

Tami, welcome to the club. I bought a domain and put up the on-line store thru Yahoo. I have yet to get any sales that way. I have had some sales from my neighbor and cousin though.

What is etsy? Is it like e-bay? I know that on e-bay you pay them a listing fee, as well as a percentage of the sale (depending on what you sold the item for.)

You will need an EIN number to start your own business, and THAT'S Free. You can register for that by going to the IRS web site.

Of course you'll only pay tax when you sell items. Give me a shout via e-mail, and I can give you some more pointers. Hope this helps for now...and GOOD LUCK.

As for a name, how about: THIS AND THAT BY TAMI

Christyn said...

Creations by Tami
Ari's Creations (or whatever that name
something like that...

Joie said...

You have lots of the same questions I do, as I have been kicking around a similar idea for a while.

I didn't know about the EIN number. I would guess that you need info for national, state and local taxes. If I remember my IRS code, I believe that there is a write off for small businesses like this, and until you make a certain amount, you don't pay taxes/ they get refunded.

I know I'm worried about what kind of business licenses etc I need. And I suppose if anything takes off, I would need to make an LLC to protect my personal assets.

As for names I agree, I like Ariaramat's Creations. And here are a few more; Ariaramat's Artistry, or Ariaramat's Fantasy Creations, Ariaramat's Fantasy Artistry, Tami's Fancies???

kerri said...

Taminski's (or Tami's) Treasures?

I have no idea about the etail thing, but yes, I do believe it's reportable income.

I can ask Anne what she knows when they return from vacation--if anything.

Kristin said...

Tami's Creations and I dont have a EIN number, dont need one. You dont have to report unless over $600 I believe. Sona has jewelry (link on my blog) but I dont know what she does. Ask her.

Kristin said...

Can I put an order in and do you do bracelets? I will show you what I am looking for and see if you can do something like it.