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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Well, today I got "the talk" at work again this morning. I have to admit, it was about time. I've been expecting it for a while, walking in late and dreading the possibility of running into one of the bosses (those of you who don't read my blog regularly should know that "the talk" is about my lateness). So, when I got the email from my manager saying to see her when I got in, I knew what was coming. She was okay about it, but warned me that if the big boss catches me, I'm screwed. Also, she'll be forced to write me up if it doesn't stop. This is the kick in the pants I need though - I'm scared witless about it again (because I am always in fear for my job anyway, and have never thought that I'm not expendable in the company), so I should be on time for a while now. That's what I'm hoping anyway. I go in cycles. I'll be good and timely for a while, and then start slipping into old patterns until triggered to watch it again (i.e. getting "the talk"). Argh!

Anyway, in other news, I made the following necklace last night and wore it in to work today:

28 guage copper wire with assorted neutral beads

I didn't get any comments on the necklace today, so I'm thinking maybe it's not too remarkable. I almost never wear any jewelry to work, so I'm kind of surprised no one said anything. Oh well, I like it, so who cares what they think? I do like the copper colored wire though. It's a simple chain, and pretty plain and easy. ( easy know you're tempted...)


My company has just switched over to bi-monthly paychecks from our previous bi-weekly pay schedule. So, instead of getting paid every other Friday, we get paid every 1st and 15th. Well, tomorrow is the first paycheck on the new schedule, and I panicked when I saw my bank balance this evening. I was afraid that my card had been compromised again, but nope - that 3 days between the last normal paycheck (they paid up to the end of last month on the 1st) and the first new one really made a difference! I think I had forgotten about the change before scheduling my last round of bill payments. So, now I feel extra poor, even though everything will even out again after a few checks. Tomorrow even. But today - I feel poor and am thinking about re-budgeting. Which I need to do anyway. I really spend way too much $$ at Starbucks and need to ditch that expensive obsession.

I noticed the low balance tonight, since I needed to get cash out of the ATM so I could go to dinner with Christyn. I wouldn't have panicked if I'd just paid with my ATM card... but it's probably better that I was aware. Anyway, I had lots of fun at dinner, and her husband joined us. We should do that more often. (Not a good plan for my re-budgeting idea...)

Okay - off to bed so I can keep my job!


Christyn said...

Do you need to call you again to wake you up?? Hmm, maybe I can put a screaming/crying baby on the phone to wake you up!! LOL!

Hey, I complimented you on your necklace at dinner!!

And we had a great time at dinner too...even though Morgan looked a lil bored. LOL At least he didn't cry too much..he'll get used to you someday! HA HA!

Did you visit Morgan's site??

Christyn said...

oops, I meant, "Do you need ME to call you again to wake you up??"

Kerri said...

You made that?????? My mom would be so proud!!!! ;)

Seriously, wire work? Wow! It looks fantastic!

The talk? Seriously Tami, comeon! I think you either should find a job with a later start time, OR set your bedroom alarm clock back, by like, 2 hours!

Forget the calls, she needs someone to come over and bop her on the head, or pour cold water on her! TRUST me! :)

Love ya, Tami! Hehehe.

Dagny said...

I see that one of the bead stores in my neighborhood has a store that's probably not that far from your job -- Baubles and Beads. The other store, Stone Crazy doesn't seem to have a website.

And I've never been consistently on time to work when I actually like my job. Or when I am in the classroom.

A Day in the Life of Cait & Kyle said...

Hey, I left you a comment the other day but it didn't post. Weird! I love the necklace. You should sell them for extra $. I'll buy one! Hint, hint... Ok, tell me how you do your budget. I need to do one!

Fluffycat said...

I doubt you'll be fired just for lateness, sounds like you work hard for those folks. But maybe you need to work on a louder, more annoying alarm, or something of that nature.

I get paid twice a month too and it SUCKS. The checks are always different amounts, hard to budget. Though when I do get a check with a ton of hours on it, that is pretty nice.

Calamity Jen said...

The necklace is beautiful.

I'm about an hour late every day. Seriously. An HOUR. I work an hour later in the evening, of course, and so far no one has said anything, but I still feel sheepish each and every morning when I sign in. Like you, I'm able to be punctual when I'm very strongly motivated, but that only lasts for a little while.

Mom said...

How about I call and sing the "Good Morning" song?

kerri said...

Tami's mom,
Your response made me BUST OUT laughing! I know the "Good Morning Song". :-))))))))))))

Much love!

Kristin said...

I can only say, dont sleep in on the weekends till noon and it may help during the week. It screws me up and I have been sleeping until 8 all week and will have a hell of a time getting up monday at 5:30 or so.
I like the jewlery I have been seeing.

D.T. said...

Who cares if they didnt notice it Tami! It's beautiful! I think the reason they may not have noticed it the first time is because it's a single strand. Maybe if you paired it with a longer strand and a shorter one, each one looking a little more different than the other, it'll stand out a little more. In any event, you should probably take up Cait's advice and sell your beads of beauty. I bet that extra dough will cover those unpaid tabs at your local Starbucks!