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Sunday, July 01, 2007


That's right.
On the hills of Northern California.
Grazing along the freeway in order to control the fire hazard. No really. I'm not making this up. (And you can't tell in the photo there, but they are fenced in to that area.) Anyway, these cute little chompers were doing their thing on the side of the road (though one was up eating the tree leaves instead of the dry grass), and slowing down traffic by their mere presence. So, yeah...I had to take a picture.
Anyway, that was on the way back from Jodie's today. I finally made it out there to see the new baby (who is now 3 months old). Very cute. :)
And speaking of babies...I haven't heard from my friend Christyn (ans sometime commenter) all weekend, so I'm wondering if she had her baby yet. He was due last Tuesday, the 26th, but seems to be waiting to make a fashionable entrance.


Dagny said...

Was this along 580? Because I saw them when I was returning from SoCal and there were slews of them.

Pancho said...

Do you realize that you and Kristin make an inordinate amount of comments about goats?
Are you and Kristin in some kind of new age cult?

Joie said...

Cute goats!

It makes me think of the Aflac comercial... Do you have that one out there?


Cracks me up.

kerri said...

LOL at Joie and Pancho's comments. :D

Tami said...

Dagny - I believe we were on 580 at that point. I know they have been grazing the goats out there for at least a week.

Pancho - so want to be in our cult!

Joie - I only see the white ones in my photo, but there were all kinds of different ones. Very cute. (Kristin had pulled over, and I quickly randomly snapped two photos out of the open window as we whizzed by...surprised they came out at all!) I have not seen that Aflack commercial here...yet.

Kerri - I have amusing readers/commenters, don't I? :)