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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fun w/ Fondant

I spent last weekend at my Mom's house to celebrate her birthday. Mom made her own birthday cake (from scratch - lemon with berry filling). She is practicing for my step-son's wedding, set for September, when she'll be making and decorating the cake. So I helped her with decorating ideas.

She likes the look of rolled fondant on a cake, but hadn't worked with it before (me neither). So, we gave it a shot. In the process, I managed to break the marble rolling pin that she's used for the past 10-15 years (I think she's had it that long)...I don't know if I used too much pressure or what, but I actually cracked the handle. There's me on the left (a highly unflattering shot of me, if I do say so myself...say hi to my 5 chins - they've come out of hiding!) pulling a MacGuyver and fixing the rolling pin with duct tape. It's a temporary fix... Some little slivers of splintered wood may have ended up in the fondant decorations. Good thing we'd already managed to cover the cake, and I was just rolling the rest out to play with decorating motifs.

Now, please realize that the below cake - our never really made it to finished product - is not how we would actually decorate a wedding cake, but was a platform for practicing. Like a very high calorie blank slate. All things considered, it's not so bad. Even though it looks like a veiled hat from the 40's.

Mom and I also made my great-grandmother's cream cheese mints, which Mom is thinking of making for the wedding as well. They turned out great, but I think I may need some helpful hints from my aunt. (Aunt Fran made a great batch at Christmas that she shipped out to Mom's.)

And, after the weekend food-fest, I am officially back on WW. According to my weekly tracker (I have the 3 month journal), the last time I tracked my meals was the end of March. Gee, wonder why I've been steadily gaining weight? Anyway, I'm back on track, and treating it like a new start. I'm even exercising...well, I'm walking at lunch again. A couple of my co-workers go for about a half-hour each day. Now that I'm "in" with the walkers (there are only 2...and one of them is leaving the company after next week), they said I'm staying in. That should help keep me on task. Wish me luck! (Again!) I only have 10lbs (give or take a lb) to go...though it was less a few months ago...The gain stops now!

***OMG - Can you believe I've had over 10,000 visits to this site?? Who'd have thought it?***


Dagny said...

I only saw one chin. You must be loopy from pharmaceuticals from Jill. My friend Kate's now husband is quite versed in fondant. (I love him because he understands cooking speak.) Perhaps I could ask him for some pointers.

Orelinde_03 said...

Tami....we need to talk. Lol. (1) I think that is a nice photo of you. (2)I only saw ONE chin and think you don't look over weight. (3) Love the action, fix-it photo.

I did a Fondant Christmas package cake (for Christmas) and it was the first time I worked with fondant. Did you attempt to make your own? I had purchased the boxed white one from the craft store Michaels, and tinted it. They also supply the recipe for different butter creams to adhear the fondant to the cake.

I made the mistake of using the butter cream recipe which was for a 'stiffer' butter cream. Although it wasn't horrid, it didn't make nearly as much as I needed, and also was a bit harder to frost the cake. So go with the softer one.

Michaels,and A.C. Moore craft stores often hold Wilton cake decorating classes, you may want to look in to that too.

Is it you or mom who has a step-son?

P.S. I'm on W.W. too, using the points system and have about 10 to loose too. Keep up w/ the walking. It helps.

BellaKarma said...

You look so cute in that picture! I totally see why you are mistaken for being Middle Eastern,(personally, I think they are the top 3 most beautiful women in the world!).
The cake looks really good, although is it wrong of me to want to rest my face on it?

Congrats on reaching 10,000! :)

...and Dagny: as if I would share!?

Fluffycat said...

That cake looks wonderful. I probably gained a pound myself just looking at the photo. :D

Kristin said...

well maybe i should try ww, i need to lose about close to 10. You look great so just you be quiet. Great job on the cake.

christyn said...

YOU have a step-son?? Did I miss something in the past month? LOL

Which walking partner is leaving the company?? Jeez, I'm gone for a month and already someone else is leaving??

The cake looks yummy!

kerri said...

Whatever Tami. You look fabulous. The rest of us should be so lucky.

And Christyn beat me to the step-son comment. LOL! :)

Great job on the cake.

~jolene said...

Tami...congratulations on the wedding we obviously missed while you were in Boston ...and for being a step mom !! really think WE are going to let that typo slip by? Not on your life!!!

And kiddo, you look shuddup already.