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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tami's Top Ten List of Office Irritations

10. Microsoft Outlook emails that state the user's mailbox is over it's size limit. The email itself isn't so bad. The fact that it comes automatically 400 times, further adding to said mailbox size, is.

9. Overzealous janitorial staff that vacuum under my desk while I'm still seated. This happens daily people… It is not usually too bad, except when she runs the vacuum into my feet!

8. Other worker's leftover fish being re-heated in the breakroom microwave, and stinking up the whole office.

7. The blue screen of death!

6. One phrase…"Do you have a minute?" Of course not. But I'll help you anyway…I'm too nice that way. I make up for it in other ornery ways.

5. Last minute urgent requests from management, sent at the end of the day, immediately before said manager leaves the office. It happened today.

4. Uninvited guests appearing at the departmental potluck. Are you a part of our department? Did we tell you to help yourself? Do we enjoy your company? Why are you here?

3. Walking into the breakroom to find that someone used the last sugar packet/creamer/tea bag/etc, and did not refill the stash. When I need my caffeine, I need it now.

2. Co-workers that sing or hum at their desk. (Please - Save it for the car. I do!)

1. Cell phone conversations in the public restrooms. I don't care who you are, or who you think you are. I do not want to hear your business while I'm doing mine. It's called a restroom for a reason. Give it a rest.


Orelinde_03 said...

You just TOTALLY made my day! And it is all so TRUE. My absolute favorites, and are ones I relate to as well are: 6,4, and 2.

Especially # 2. My co-worker who sits in the cube next to me does this. All day. EVERY DAY. Whistling, singing or drumming. ANd he gets annoyed if I break in to song (which I only do on occassion.) But he has no problem telling me or someone else that I/them can't carry a tune. Meanwhile me and other co-workers can still hear him as he whistles his way out the office in to the building!

I wasn't exactly sure what # 7 was. The blue screen of death?

Mom said...

And...walking into the breakroom kitchen and finding someone/s left their dirty dishes in the sink, thinking that the good fairy was going to visit our building and wash things for them????

Fluffycat said...

HAHA very funny. We have someone who uses their phone in the restroom too.

What is worse though, is not them taking the last Equal packet, but someone taking a half packet and putting the half-full one back in the bin. Very fun when it opens everywhere.

D.T. said...

Sounds like somebody needs to go into their company's software and reprogram it so when someone makes a withdrawl, it sends a fraction of a cent to an undisclosed bank account...or you know, something similar along those lines! Show those emailing, vaccum-cleaning, fish-heating, blue-screening, minute-asking, urgent-requesting, uninviting, sugar-using, tune-carrying, restroom-talkin folks a thing or two!

Kristin said...

So someone else watched office space this week. We used to have a sign at one of my jobs that said "your mother doesn't work here so clean up after yourself". Anyway, the entire thing is funny. You do know you should be able to change the outlook thing so it will not do that.

Tami said...

Orelinde_03 - glad I could brighten your day! I actually sat next to #2 for a couple of weeks...very annoying!

Mom - that one didn't make the list, but I thought about it. The breakroom nearest my current desk has a sign that says, "we run a tidy operation." That is the messiest breakroom in the building!!

Fluffycat - I forgot about that one. In my office, they do it with the individual packets of coffee too. But, why would someone want to use half of someone else's used sugar packet?? I always wonder why the perp doesn't take it back to their desk.

DT - the ritalin today? J/K. Great movie though. But I don't work in THAT branch of the bank.

Kristin - our sucky IT people don't trust us, and therefore we don't have "administrative access" to make that kind of change in our inboxes. Really annoying.

I also realized that I left out a big one for the list. This one would have bumped one of the others off the list: 95 degrees outside, 63 degrees inside!

Caitlin said...

I cracked up when I read your list! Boy ,can I relate... On my list I would have to mention my former co-worker who sat right near me who used to clip her nails at work. It was like nails on a chalkboard for me! Ugh!!!! Thanks for making me smile, laugh and realize how much I really do need a new job!!!!

Orelinde_03 said...

Office Space rocks!

I noted the comment about the fraction of a cent, but wasn't sure if this was actually something yo pulled from the flick.

I also hate the frazzeled co-worker calling every extension possible until they reach you at your desk. Only to impart something not urgent to you.

Christyn said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not there right now...and don't have to worry about all those issues. But I'm sure you are happy I'm not asking for "a minute of our time...."