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Monday, June 18, 2007

Shoes, Songs and Stuff

I haven't done a whole lot of shopping for myself in a while, and apparently was trying to make up for it last Friday. I found some cute shorts and a brown full skirt + 2 discounted tees at Old Navy, where I went in search of cheap-ish summer-type sandals...which I did not find. So, after my mini-spending spree, I still wanted shoes. And headed over to Shoe Pavillion to keep looking.

Success! Too much of it... I found these cute little tennis shoes (by Punkrose, that I'd never heard of) that were marked down to affordable, and I couldn't resist them. So, I bought them, and wore them to the Day in the Zone on Saturday, that I went to with Kerri and her friend Kathy. (The shoe shot is for Jill...)

I'll come back to the concert in a minute. First, I need to share the other pair of shoes (below photo is also for Jill - please ignore the large ankles.) I love these and took the last size 7 in the store. I wore them all day at work today and they didn't pinch across the toes at all. Thank you Steve Madden.
On to the concert - it was an all day concert in the park, with a number of bands and food and booths. Kerri had asked me about a month or so if I wanted to go, so we picked up tickets early. The lineup was Emerson Hart of Tonic, Matt Kearney, Everclear, Augustana, Five for Fighting and Smashmouth. The high points were Five for Fighting and Smashmouth, who were by far the best performances, and obviously enjoy themselves on stage.


The low point was Everclear. I like their songs that made it to the radio, but they were terrible live. I think the lead singer was lit, and the words were slurry...just not good.

And luckily, it was less than 100 degrees that day. And we were totally prepared for that possibility, so none of us ended up burning. And all three of us are pretty pale...

After the concert, I headed out to my Dad's house to celebrate Father's Day. What should have taken only 1hr 15 min ended up taking over 2 hours, due to an unexpected road closure and a bizarre detour...but I got there safely. At 9:30pm. And my 3yr old little brother was still awake. My stepmother was about to put him down, but he got all excited when I came in, and ended up having a 2nd wind (though he was tired...).

On Sunday morning, I watched Gino for a bit while Dad was working, and let him run around in the backyard. That boy loves the hose...if he had his way, the backyard would be a mud pit. Dad came back from work and started making our traditional Sunday meal (from when I was growing up) - Pasta and meatballs. My father makes the best meatballs! (Though they are also known as bread balls, garlic balls, and my personal favorite, meat triangles.) My two other brothers showed up and we all had a nice dinner/lunch and a nice afternoon.

I hope everyone else had as good a weekend.


Christyn said...

Those brown sandals are very cute...and you do not have large ankles!!! :)
Glad it wasn't too hot at the concert!

Caitlin said...

Hi Tami,

Loves the shoes, especially the polka dot ones!

Ok, I need to know what you thought of Emerson Hart as a performer? He is my friend Cyndi's former BF. Loser from what I hear. Give me the skinny!

Orelinde_03 said...

Oh...I just LOVE the shoes! I try to prevent myself from going shoe shopping, because then I wind up buying more than I need or really can afford.

This past Saturday, I actually did buy two pair of shoes too. One for my upcoming trip to Florida...and the other because they're just too damn cute.

I am wearing the 'other pair' to work today, white canvas, open tow sling backs with black polka dots.

Glad you girls had a nice time at the show. I am sorry to hear about EverClear, as I like their songs too. Smashmouth is a cool group.

Dagny said...

I LOVE the sandals! Now you make me want to run to Shoe Pavilion. Because I can get a discount there thanks to the dad of one of my fave students -- he's the manager. Oh. And there's an Old Navy not that far away. And a Banana Republic. And I still have a gift card from my birthday last year for Banana Republic.

Ummm. I'm starting to think that you may have created a monster. ;-)

Joie said...

Cute, cute shoes! Especially love the brown ones. Color me jealous.

I've been a naughty summer shopper too. So far this summer I've come home with 2 dresses, a blouse and a handbag. You know for me that's a lot. I've also plans for some shoes. I'm really tempted by the patent leather out there.

Glad you had a good weekend!

Kristin said...

i was looking for large ankles and couldn't find them. Cute shoes. Glad you enjoyed your weekend.

BellaKarma said...

LMAO! I started reading your post...then caught sight of the polka I sat here spacing on 'em for several moments... then went back to reading and saw "shoe shot is for Jill."

I LOVE the brown sandals! They look gorgeous on your SLIM ANKLES!

Glad to hear you had FUN this weekend! :)

kerri said...

LOVE THE SHOES!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))Trust me, they rock in persom

Cait, My friend Kathy and I booed Emerson Hart the whole time on behalf of you and your friend. :)He's an ok performer. We were bummed to find out, though, that one of the songs we liked that they play on the Zone, was by him. Kathy said it was ok to like the song though, given it was about a girl leaving HIM! :) As you know, we dislike him as well, by proxy! :)

It was a great day! Smashmouth and Five for Fighting was by far the best! And I was so jealous of the polka-dotted shoes!

Lizy said...

I love those brown sandals,looking cute..Ur legs look sexy...