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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Crazy Old Men

I met Kristin at the Farmer's Market again this morning, though I got on the freeway going the wrong direction (by habit - it's the way to work), so ended up getting there way late. I can't tell you how often I've done that though... Normally, I realize my mistake right away. Not today...I didn't figure it out until I was halfway through Vallejo...Oops!!

Anyway, I was prepared for the farmer's market today. I picked out a few recipes from my huge stash of cookbooks to try - but had limited myself to 2 so I wouldn't overbuy (which I have a tendency to do). And I also limited myself to the WW cookbooks, since I'm still intent on following the plan. If anything turns out well, I may post them at the cooking corner. I chose a simple bean salad and a citrus scallop dish. I splurged on the scallops, but the recipe looks so good! Let's hope I don't screw it up!

So, after perusing the stands and sampling the goodies, Kristin had to take off to go meet a client. So, I decided to go check out the organic coffee booth (really to check out what drinks they were selling, since I hadn't had any caffeine yet today). Now, I'm reading the little signs on sticks in the bins of loose beans (different stages of the roasting process), and this older guy with a bike and the world's least appropriate athletic shorts (like those terrible short shorts they used to make us wear in gym) comes up behind me and says, "excuse me." So I turn around and he asks me if I'm Stephanie. I'm not, so I tell him so. And because Kristin had told me earlier that there was this other woman there that looked just like me, I told him that too, and said he might be able to find her. Then, he asked me if I lived in Walnut Creek (which is where the farmer's market was). I say no, wondering why this interchange was not yet over. And then he proceeds to explain that he was behind this woman in line at Trader Joe's the other day and he thinks he ended up with her receipt in his bag (I'm assuming that her name must have been Stephanie, which must have been on the receipt, but he never actually said that). Now I think he's a little odd, after the story with basically no point... And he keeps talking. Where are you from? And you came all the way out here? Are you single? (Yes, he asked that. Then I knew the conversation had to end...why is it always the whack jobs that I seem to attract?) So, with no hesitation, I tell him I'm not single, and go back to perusing the coffee beans. And he doesn't stop asking me stupid pointless questions... Like when is the new going to open? (I don't know, actually...) And now, I'm turning back to the beans after each answer, trying to signal that I am done with the conversation. Finally, he says goodbye and leaves. Very bizarre! why is it that only old guys (and I mean that this guy was in his mid to late 50s) and those with apparent mental delays (possibly this guy too...) approach me to show any interest? Life is so not fair.


christyn said... went the wrong direction to see Kristin?? LOL Didn't you do that to work a few weeks ago... =)

Sorry about the crazy guy! Yick!!!

Fluffycat said...

I really think that it's only the really weird guys who have no sense of situation who come up to people like that. Normal guys would try to be a bit more subtle and less freaky.

Dagny said...

Ewwww! What a creepy freak! Oh, and thanks for getting the mental image of inappropriate shorts stuck in my head. ;-)

Pancho said...

I happened to be at the farmers market the same day that's so weird. Anyway while walking around I did snap a picture of some guys in Bike Shorts
, were any of these guys the one you were talking too?

kerri said...

OMG, and you weren't even with ME! LOL! I'm sorry. That sucks. Creepy.

christyn said...

Hey Tami, I think I see JT in the biker picture!! LOL w/o the sweat puddle!!

Tami said...

Pancho & Christyn - I am so traumatized right now...

Orelinde_03 said...

I always attract the weird-o's too, so I totally empathize with you.

I think people who are LONELY, or slightly challenged (I'm being nice here) sense a good soul. And so they gravitate towards us.

In the future, just make sure he doesn't follow you thru the market.

And it's always the people who SHOULDN'T be wearing something (like a speedo or biker shorts) who do.