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Saturday, January 13, 2007

All Diets are Off!

So, remember how busy I said I was last week? It's because I'm too nice, and like to crochet. Yeah, don't worry, I'll explain that statement.

A friend of mine is on the board of director's for the Walnut Festival (annual festival in Walnut Creek, CA), and one of their newer fundraisers is the annual Crab Feed. I went last year and it was pretty fun, and they have raffles and a silent auction, and of course, all you can eat crab (and pasta, garlic bread, salad). This is the 2nd annual one.

I was hanging out with Kristin last weekend, when we went to the Titanic exhibition. She mentioned to me that they could use more donations for the silent auction and/or raffle, and asked if I could make a large afghan or something really quickly. I told her I would think about it and see what I could do. (Always willing to help, and I figured I could use some of the yarn from my stash...thinking I had enough of the heather blue Jiffy left over from an old afghan I never finished and then gave up on. Well, I found the free pattern for the 5 1/2 Hour Throw online, but then found that I only had 5 skeins of the old yarn. Not to be deterred, on Monday after work I found a pattern book for quick afghans (using a Q hook) at Micheal's that only called for 6 balls of Homespun, which I decided was within my spending limits (I had told myself I wouldn't do it if it was going to cost over $40). The pattern booklet stated that the afghans should take about 7 hours to complete.

So, each night this past week after work, armed with my giant crochet hook and 2 strands of Homespun (one each of Quartz and Deco), I crocheted furiously (no, I was not actually mad) until I had a full afghan completed. It ended up taking me about 7 1/2 hours to finish, since I screwed up a few times early on and had to rip out a few rows. But it came out pretty nicely, as a very warm, cushy, open blanket.

It sounds like it will be in the silent auction part, and I hope it gets a few bids. I'll let you know the final amount. Wish it luck!

And now, I'm off to the crab feed.


kerri said...

Cool. I hope someone bids on it! :)

Tami said...

Whoo! The winning bid was $70. Not bad, considering I spend $35 on yarn. (They had assigned it a value of $150!! I don't quite know how they came up with that...I told them it cost approx $40 to make and they set the opening bid there.)

kerri said...

Good Job! Yay! :-)

Dagny said...

Mmmmm. Crab feed.

And $150 sounds reasonable. When you told them the price of $40, that only accounted for materials and not your time. In the future, don't undervalue your time.

Kristin said...

Yay, it was beautiful and we all thank you very much. Now I will try not to ask you to do anything, for a while that is.

Joie said...


Handmade goodies are really quite valuable. If you sold in a bazzar or shop, I bet you could easily get $100-150 for work like that depending on size. And all of your work that I've seen is excellent.

Tami said...

Well dang, Joie - maybe I'm in the wrong line of work. I mean, thanks for the praise!

Jill said...

Tami, the afghan is beautiful! My jaw dropped when I came to the photograph. I hope you continue to share more pics of your crocheting projects!

...and, um, "Hi!" I've been silent for a week or what better time than 3 am to catch up on my favorite blogs?