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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Reason #47 I'm going to hell

I lie. Yep, as honest as I am, it's true. (Would I lie to you? Well...)

So, today after work I went grocery shopping with good intentions. (And did I mention that along with Saturday's crab feed, there was also mass consumption at The Cheesecake Factory on Sunday night? Including white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, which was awesome!) The intentions were to make the Weight Watcher's 0 point vegetable soup. The reality is that I bought all the ingredients, but was so overwhelmingly hungry by the time I got home that I ate crap instead of washing, chopping and cooking vegetables. (Tomorrow...yeah...tomorrow I'll make the soup...)

And when the collective "they" tell you it's a bad idea to shop while hungry, "they" are not kidding. Somehow, and I don't know how...some Hershey's Cacao Reserve ended up in my basket along with 2 little tiny containers (yeah, tell me how there are 4 servings in those things) of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. What a mystery!

Anyway, after I checked out and stupidly told the bag boy that I did not need assistance (that is always my reaction, though really, I could have used his help this time), I hauled my 4 heavy bags of produce (and frozen treats and chocolatey goodness) to my car in the rain. As I'm trying to balance the bags as I open the hatchback of my car (because I was determined that I didn't need the cart past the exit door of the supermarket), a car pulls up behind me and someone says, "Excuse me." I expect this to be someone from out of town looking for directions or something. Nope, it's some guy hitting on me. He said he'd noticed me in the store and thought I was cute, and wanted to know if I had a boyfriend. I had no attraction to this guy whatsoever (he did nothing for me physically, and I hate to sound shallow, but I believe there has to be some seed of attraction), and baldly lied to him without thinking, as "yes" just popped right out of my mouth.

And therefore I am going to hell. And hopefully have not doomed myself to continue my perpetual singlehood by lying about it. I am flattered that he approached me, though kind of wonder why he didn't say anything to me in the store, before I was struggling with my bags in the parking lot. Maybe he figured that if he was encased in the safety of his car, he could make a quick getaway without fear of running into me again? I don't know. I'm not one to talk, being the absolute wimp that I am.

Anyway, tomorrow is makeover night on Beauty and the Geek, which I have been completely sucked into. It's nothing like what I had expected, and I am pleasantly pleased. So, since I caught the premiere episode, I have been addicted. And that is my scheduled exitement for tomorrow. That, and I'm going to find something to crochet while I watch. (And hopefully have made the soup by then!)


kerri said...

LOL! That is so funny. You are not going to hell. I believe there needs to be attraction too.

So, here's to the food being GOOOOOD, and the man being well, not. NOT TO MENTION HE STALKED YOU ALL THE WAY FROM THE STORE?!?

P.S. I'm going to the Cheesecake Factory Saturday too. Eek!

Mom said...

Do you remember the 7 can soup from Weight Watchers in Folsom? I can't remember exactly, but it was something like this: Open 7 cans of vegetables, put in pot , bring to boiling, cook a few minutes, then turn off the stove and eat! Now what vwggies...that's wht I can't remember. Something like: Diced or cut up tomatoes, green beans, carrots, zucchini, kidney beans, and something else, maybe beef or chicken broth. It was quick and easy and you can make any combo you want. I tried not to use starchy veggies (corn and peas).
Meeting guys in the grocery store is one thing, but in the parking lot??? If he was really interested he could have asked if you needed any help with the large heavy bags...
By the way, I don't think Hell is full of people who break their diets, I think that's what Heaven is for!

Fluffycat said...

There is NOTHING wrong with lying to someone about your dating status if you are creeped out by them, and that guy in the parking lot sounds way creepy.

I have lied about my dating status before to cabdrivers who were taking me home from the airport, and I think that's just a matter of personal safety.

Cheesecake Factory is temptation city. You are lucky to get out of there without bringing a second dessert home to eat later.

D.T. said...

I totally burst out laughing when you told that guy "yes!" Dude...I cant tell you how many times I've said that to random chicks that were so NOT attractive (is it more sad that I turn down dates or that my only offers are from non-attractive people? Hmmm.). Still, I can imagine the crushed face on the guy. Poor him.

And I have to disagree with your mom on whether or not dieters go to Heaven or not. They do. It's the people who break their diets that go straight down. After all, they dont call desserts "sinfully delicious" for nothing...

Joie said...

You aren't going to hell for a lie like that. I have even lied about my name to creepy guys that I think may be persistant. Jessica is my made up name of choice BTW.

And as far as diets go, I personally don't believe in them. I do believe in healthy lifestyles. And every healthy lifestyle has a little indulgence. Just make sure it's limited, and that you work it off, and it's not an issue. Glad you've been having a good time.
But, I so know what you mean about shopping hungry. I end up with stuff I shouldn't when hungry. That's why I try to go right after a meal!! Less temptation!!!

And I agree with mom that a truly worthwhile fellow would have offered to help with your groceries. :)

Christyn said...

So...what are the other 46 reasons you are going to hell? =)

Dagny said...

You are not going to hell for lying to a guy about your availability. And if you are, I'll be there waiting for you because I have told that lie too many times to count.

Oh, and I've watched BATG since the first season. Tonight's makeovers? Stunning. I think I may be in love with Nate.

Kristin said...

you are not Not going to hell. Now........what is this about being hooked on this show. It was you that would get on me for being hooked on Tempation Island and stuff. I can not believe you. Hehehe..........
Hmmmm I need to somehow get you out or something. Want to go to a coffee social saturday at noon? evite on the way.