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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Tinkering Around

I decided to spend my long weekend at my father's house, and was lucky enough to have my boss come through on Friday around noon to tell us all to leave early. A good start to the weekend! For once, I was able to make it to Dad's in time for dinner.

On Saturday morning, the local fire station was having a fundraiser and yard sale at the station. My father took my little brother over there early in the morning and came home with this:
The find of the Century!

Dad was very excited that he found this full set of Tinkertoys in the original packaging, plus a giant old mayonnaise jar (I'm talking Costco sized!) of more old Tinkertoy parts. The fun is his childhood, for only $1!! The original directions were in the canister, with another set in the jar. It looks like they've been in someone's attic or garage for a few good storms...The instructions are dated 1942.
Gino builds his own house.

Gino couldn't wait to play with these (who needs computers?) and is lucky that Dad actually let him, since Dad is afraid that Gino will destroy them. Yes, they've survived 70 years of use, but can they survive Gino? It's doubtful, since just now, as I was writing this blog entry, he came running over to show me a piece that broke...
Disaster Strikes in Tinker Town!

I keep trying to explain to Gino that these are Daddy's toys, and he needs to be very careful with them. Somehow, I don't think it's sinking into his 6 year old mind. Silly kid seems to think they're his! He has made quite a few interesting items, including a feeding bin like the ones at the barn, an "electricity building" with a windmill, and lots of attached squares... He has also already managed to whack himself in the face with a stick that he was spinning in front of himself. I tried to warn him, but to no avail...

Needless to say, that $1 has been well spent. And as you can see, Gino is not the only one enjoying them.
Move it kid, Daddy's playing!

In addition to his childhood memories, Dad also picked up an old crochet book for me (the books were all free), some little puzzles for Gino, and a dinner bell that I believe he will soon live to regret. I did drag Gino back later in the day to get a peek at the free books, but didn't find any other craft books worth the price tag (pretty bad, when the price is $0). I did grab a Debbie Macomber book (The Shop on Blossom Street) that I hadn't read and a book of crossword puzzles, but didn't find any items to rival the Tinkertoys...


Joie said...

Your Dad playing with the Tinker toys is so cute!!
I'd say the original packaging and the directions are the key items to preserve, as they probably are what makes or breaks the price.

Kerri said...

Flippin' awesome!

Sam E. said...

so awesome...Tinker Toys were my favorite growing up :)

Tami said...

Joie - that's why we rescued the container from underneath Gino's feet (he was using it as a rolling springboard when he thought we weren't looking).

Kailyn said...

Glad to see you're finally back to blogging.

-- The blogger formerly known as Dagny