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Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Official...

I'm old.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I can no longer say I'm in my early thirties, since I'm smack in the middle now. And who knew I'd start falling apart so fast only 1 day into 35?

On Friday, I started experiencing some mild pain/aches at the base of my neck, between my shoulder blades, radiating mildly to my left elbow. I blamed (and still do) the ergonomically incorrectness of my current desk. It didn't last long though, and only happened a few times that day. It was pretty rare on Saturday, too. (Probably because I was still only in my early thirties.)

I didn't notice it too much yesterday, except for when I picked up and transported the watermelon to the family dinner birthday shindig. (Luckily, my step-brother got to the house at the same time as I did, and volunteered to carry it in. Sucker!) Then I couldn't find a comfortable position when I was trying to go to sleep...every movement seemed to trigger the feeling, which is more annoying than painful, but still not pleasant.

So, since it was appearing to be gradually getting worse this morning, I decided to make an appointment to see my doctor. And I did, using the online appointment center and choosing the soonest available appointment. I ran it by my boss and was taking off from work early to make my late afternoon appointment. I was feeling all good about not putting it off until the pain got bad, and was happy that I'd most likely be getting home early to cook up something healthy for dinner. (My boss had told me I didn't have to come back in after the appointment.)

I got up to the check-in desk a few minutes late, but not many, and was happy to see that there were no patients waiting. That never happens! Then after I handed my insurance card to the nurse (or whatever position mans that desk) and told her who I was there to see, she gave me kind of a funny look and turned to her computer.

Then my newfound elderly status came into play...

At least she was nice about know you have to be careful with the mentally instable. You just never know how they'll react.

It turns out that my appointment wasn't for today. It's not until Wednesday!!! I checked my appointment time when I made it, and before I left the office. How did I never look at the date? DUH! So in addition to what I think is probably a pinched nerve, I am also losing my mind!


Sam E said...

LMAO - early onset senility. Same thing happened to me when I turned 35 :) Hang in's only downhill from here hahahahaha

Fluffycat said...

Happy Birthday.
Hope your pains don't turn out to be anything serious. I had some ergo stuff at work that really hurt but moving things around my workstation helped a bit.

Maureen Stroud Dillie said...

HAHAHA!! I just laughed out loud! I thought that I had early on-set Alzheimer's, but according to some of my peers, it must be from turning 35 last month. :)

BTW, I read Still Alice by Lisa Genova, which is about early on-set Alzheimer's, during the week of my birthday. And I'm truly convinced it's not my age.