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Monday, September 27, 2010

Bizarre Phone Call

I just got the weirdest call on my cell phone. It was from a restricted number, so I almost didn't answer it, since all of my friends and family that would normally be calling me at 10:30 at night are programmed into my cell phone.

So, wary to start with, I flip open the phone and say hello. The person on the other line doesn't give any type of greeting, but rather starts out with a question that I think was something along the lines of "is this number my daughter's phone?" Or at least, that's what it sounded like to me, so I answered, "I don't think so." (My attempt at being polite, as the caller was obviously neither my mother nor my father.)

Other person asks if I've been calling her daughter, so I ask, "who are you?" thinking that maybe it's a friend's mom, which still really wouldn't make any sense, since all of my friends are independent adults to can choose with whom they associate.

She then tells me that her daughter is 8 and has been getting phone calls from this number. I told her that I don't think so, because I haven't called anyone whose number I am not familiar with, and certainly not any 8 year olds. She must sense the defensiveness in my tone, as she says "I'm not trying to accuse you." (Sure sounded that way to me.) She said maybe it was a similar number (? - wouldn't the exact number show on the cell phone's memory?), and asked if this was a CA number, as she was in CA. I don't see what difference that makes, since I have not called her daughter and she never even identified herself.

The call pretty much ended there. I'm totally annoyed, because I do feel like I've been accused of something, even though I know I never called any strange 8 year olds, and I have the phone records to prove that I never contacted her daughter. Though I can totally see how the mother of an 8 year old receiving strange calls would be concerned (I certainly would be), where did she get my cell phone number? I hardly ever make any outgoing phone calls from my cell that aren't to the same basic 5 or 6 people. Bizarre, I tell you! I wonder if she got the area code wrong or something.

Urgh. I wonder what kind of weird-o paranoid message I would have gotten if I hadn't answered the phone.

The person then says, "I'm in CA, is this a CA number?"


Maureen Dillie said...

Weird, really weird. Maybe she did type it wrong, like dialed you on her cell, but got the number from her 8 y.o.'s cell phone? Sorry you got somewhat harrassed. I don't know why people get their 8 year olds cell phones.

Well, here's to hoping you don't get anymore!

Sam E. said...

Entirely Bizarre!!! I understand a parent's paranoia with all the weirdo's in the world, but she can't dial a # properly? Sounds like mom might need a lesson in cell phones before she starts trying to track her child's usage or who is calling. Things that make you go hmmmm.....

Moriah said...

I think that if the woman doesn't want her daughter to receive strange phone calls, she shouldn't let her 8 year old have a cell phone. Of course, Evan already has one in case we aren't around and he needs something. Just kidding, but the baby monitor is kind of like that, just with video survaillence.
Oh, who are we kidding, it was you calling, wasn't it? :)

your Mom said...

If you get any more phone calls from this woman, (who has a restricted number so you can't call her) call her bluff, tell her she is harassing you and you are going to call the police and report her. If you really spent your time calling 8 year olds YOU would have a restricted number so their parents couldn't call you! By the way, Eight year olds should not have cell phones, could it be the 8 year old calls random numbers? Eight year olds are not mature enough to have phones, does the mother think she needs to reach her whenever she wants? Where is an 8 year old going that the mother doesn't know? This woman needs to get control of her family and leave strangers alone! (By the way, if she ever does call, have her call me and I'll put her straight!)

BellaKarma said...

Yeah! What your mama said! =)

Seriously Tami, these kind of weird things usually happen to me, what's up? ;-)

I can relate to how you're feeling, though. Been in more than one situation where I felt I was being accused, and it's unnerving.

But your situation is so random and so messed up on the mother's part, just brush it off. But take action if it happens again (i.e. file complaint with police).