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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Why do some people make everything so complicated?

Everyone at work (okay, maybe 3 or 4 people, but it was enough) kept asking me if we were going to do a Secret Santa exchange this year. I ended up organizing it last year, because everyone wanted to do it, but no one else would pony up and make it happen. So naturally, people seemed to be waiting for me to take the necessary action again this year. So I sent out the email last week to see if people were interested. Most were, so today I sent another email to the willing participants with more details, and asking for input.

My idea, with verbal suggestions from other co-workers, was to pick names next Monday, cap the total spending at $20, leave little items here and there for our giftee through the week, and exchange final gifts on the 19th. Everything seemed fine, although we changed the date to the 18th because people were out on the 19th...

Then I get this email from the boss (on which she has copied everyone) stating if we are leaving small gifts she can't participate. I responded to all, clarifying the spending cap and making the little (and inexpensive) gifts part optional. Then I get this private email from her - "Then some people will get a bunch of gifts and others won't." I responded to her saying that it's all the same value (since the spending cap is the same for both ways), and she just writes back saying "Tami - you know it doesn't work that way."

Oh my God. Grow up, will you? Just tell me if you're participating or not, and keep your whiny crap to yourself. We're all adults and it's all for fun. This is not something you need to stress over! (My other boss was sympathizing with me on this, and yes, I shared the exchange with her, because she had a similar one and had called me vent while I was staring in shock at my email.) While I was conspiring with the other boss, a response to my clarification email came in saying "Great idea! I like it." It made us both laugh.

And I can't tell you how many of my co-workers came over to me to mention how ridiculous that boss's response to the little gifts idea was. Urgh. I'm thinking tiny little things, like a greeting card or a candy cane or something. It's not unheard of in the Secret Santa circles.

There is a reason everyone wanted to do this and no one wanted to spearhead it. At least I won't have to do it next year! (Perk 1 for getting a new job.)

In less irritating/petty news - I cleared out the corner of my living room for my Christmas tree and it is now up, with lights (though the bottom string is unlit because of a broken bulb...and I pulled out the vaccuum after 10pm because I didn't know when the bulb broke or where the glass bits ended up) and the tree skirt.


Dagny said...

What a party pooper.

Joie said...

How very weird. At my Mom's workplace, that is how they do Secret Santa. It's supposed to be small things over a couple weeks, and the final party is an ornament exchange. And yes, some people get better stuff than others. Some people get daily notes, cards and goodies, and some get almost nothing, but that is what we call life. It isn't entirely fair, but I think most of us are grown ups and can deal with it. (Though, I could be wrong on that one!) We don't all need a participation trophy to feel good about things. Ugh!

Christyn said...

I had no idea that all happened - where was I, and why didn't ya tell me??

Kyle said...

Hi Tami,
I would like some Vermont Ceddar with my Whine.... just kidding. Sorry to hear about all the fuss. I know it suppose to be fun. Somepeople do not get into the spirit of it. How about something different for the office create a Festivas Pole and have a day of gripes where everyone can complain... Just kidding again. (I love that Seinfeld episode.) I hope everything works out.

Kerri said...

Very weird. At my work, it's a $5 ornament exchange and that's it. Which is fine with me. I was thrilled today when I got a "Merry Christmas" pencil in my box from a teacher! :)I'm a simple girl... :)

But why should anyone care how you spend your $20?


Orelinde_03 said...

Hey Tami!

I hear you on the whole Secret Santa agnst. Lat year it was delegated to me to organize the whole Secret Snata event. This year I did not mention it, as I was not about to take responsibility.

Anyway, the woman who thinks she is 'Queen Bee' took charge, but now she has insisted we do a luncheon as well. So, aside from doing the gift exchange, we have to cook/bake, etc. Like I have time for that. *sighs*

The holidays aren't supposed to be giving people more stress or have us gritting our teeth.

Maybe you can strangle the annoying, bitchy boss with a string of garland? Or spike her cider with mistle toe and hemlock?