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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Happy Happy Snowman

Merry late Christmas to everyone!
In the spirit of Christmas, I headed out to Target today at lunch to see what was on clearance (well, really I just needed catfood, but since I had to go anyway...). All holiday stuff is 50% off, so I picked up some wrapping paper and ornaments, and while browsing the stock, my friend Christyn and I came upon what may be the world's happiest snowman.
Now, we are cracking up in the aisle at this little beverage dispenser, which could have been very cute, but the design was poorly executed. What do you think?
The little snowbank is substantial enough that the dispenser could have been placed lower on the figure. But instead, the spigot is located in a rather unfortunate spot. Odd that it says "love" right above it... (I call this the spigot of love!)
Yeah, I'm perverse, but this just looks too wrong. Oh Target, you never disappoint me. First Easter, now this...


Christyn said...

Now, the question is this - what comes out of that spigot..and what color? =) hee hee!!!

Orelinde_03 said...

Oh boy! And I thought Nelson and I were perverse. LOL. Yes, I agree, this is slightly disturbing, seeing the spigot there, and the HUGE grin on the snowman.

At least it didn't read 'Tug For Love' above it. LOL.

When nelson and I were driving home from looking at an apartment (the one near Prostitute parkway), we were perusing Christmas decorations. I all but screamed (as I pointed) 'What the hell is that supposed to be?!?' Nelson took a look and said 'Dear God, I have no idea.'

Well, after filling Peter in on what we had seen, he clearified that Nelson and I are both sick. It's SUPPOSED to be a lit up unicorn. **WHAT IT DOES LOOK LIKE IS A GIANT LIT UP PENIS...With Balls to boot**

Christmas perverts, that's what we are.

Dagny said...

That is all kinds of wrong. Quite obvious why it's on clearance. Of course, I could how it could work if you were having a kinky kind of holiday party.

Joie said...


You made me laugh so hard. We actually went out and bought the naughty bunny pen at Easter. I think I'll pass on this one, but you're right, that is probably the happiest snowman I have ever seen.

kerri said...

Leave it to you to make Frosty nasty! :D