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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why I'm Still Single

This will pretty much stand alone, with no need for me to add much commentary.  I recently re-joined, and what you are about to see is an excerpt from the profile of someone that showed up on the site as a possible match for me.  Read on, cringe, then understand my spinsterhood. 

*Warning.  What you are about to read has been copied exactly and no grammar, punctuation or spelling has been altered from the original form.*

"Wow this whole dating online has gotten way out of control. People wake up this isn't a fairy tell land where you can pick your perfect image of a person, then close your eyes and bam there they are. I notice how women tend to " Rule the Roost" on this site. Superficial and ridiculous wants and needs. OK women you all have a vocabulary for men " Douche bag, Tool, Meathead etc" well what about you. Im sure you know a few women out there with the same mentality. This is what makes a women super lame on a dating site. If your profile includes the following.......... Live Laugh Love......Seriously did you take that from your grandmas plaque hanging in her kitchen....Lame !! Passionate about life.........Hahahhah.....It's a dating web site who isn't ,your a I love to laugh......Oh this one kills me, your super boring i can tell already. Is that the best you can think of! I am just looking......Is that why you made a extensive profile? Obviously your not to be trusted. Every picture has a shot of your boobs.........Did daddy not love you enough, you got serious issues. lol I just want a honest man...... hahahahahah wait i cant stop laughing hahahahahah.... These are just a few things.....Look stop trying to make a glorified Glamour magazine profile. Be your self tell us men what really makes you tick.... Have some creativity and use your brain.....Life is short don't be such a prude or you will be that single older lady that all us guys look at and say " Ya i remember her she's worthless" for we will not help you when you fall....... Now if you feel the need to vent please do can handle the truth and some sarcasim....I wear boxer briefs not butt huggers.......who wants to play......"

~Back to reality again.  At least it's Leap Day, and I can ignore this match as an aberration that will hopefully only recur once every four years. 


Kailyn said...

I got about halfway through before it became too painful. Reminds me of the stuff I used to post about on the first blog to which I was a contributor. Sad.

Joie said...

Uh, wow. Just wow. That was one of the most offensive, childish rants I've read in a while. (His, not yours) And Tami, I get what you're saying, but I think that it explains why HE'S single, not why you are. Here's a brain bender, consider what kind of woman answers him hoping for a match?? Ow, ow, ow!!