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Monday, October 18, 2010

Lips, Inc.

No, I'm not taking you to Funky Town, but I couldn't think of a better name for the post, and now that song is stuck in my head. You are welcome.

It was overcast and drizzly yesterday. A definite change from the crazy heat we've had lately. Since it was the first time in months that it wasn't hotter in my apartment at night than it was outside, I decided to take the opportunity to flat-iron my hair. (There is no way I'm putting hot tools to my temples in the heat!)

This morning, looking in the mirror after donning my mostly gray outfit (sounds drab, but I like to think it wasn't), I realized that my face seemed almost completely devoid of color. So, contrary to my usual routine, I actually put on some lipstick, because I felt that I needed it. Shocker, right?!

(Those who know me know that in spite of my obsession with make-up, I don't wear it on a day-to-day basis, and rarely to work.)

So, hair straight and shiny for a change, and lips all rosy reddish, I headed out for work. After 2 failed attempt to get gas in Vallejo (seriously, 2 stations on the same street out of gas? Really?), I got to work, got my coffee and stopped in my co-worker's office to say hi.

And here comes the reason that I rarely wear makeup at work...

"Oooh, look at you! You going somewhere? Got a date tonight?"

Ugh. It never fails. Of course I don't have a date tonight - if I did, I'd have worn more than just lipstick (at least mascara, too, if not the full face) and I wouldn't have gussied myself up for the 8 hours at work either. I touch my face too much, and it would all be gone before the hypothetical date. As I told my co-worker later, if I had a date nobody here would have a clue, and I'd put my makeup on in my car before I left!

She did tell me that lipstick looks good on me and I should always wear it. I've heard similar things before, including in a recent email from some random dude on a dating website (to which I did not respond), who asked if I wore lipstick often, because it looks good on me. I thought that was kind of a weird thing to say as an introduction, especially considering that it was pretty much the entire email. I mean, does lipstick look bad on anyone (besides those with poor color choice and failed application)?

I am taking it all as a complement for once instead of assuming it means that everyone thinks I look bad without the lipstick (which was not said...). I do see the difference when I wear it. I also noticed today that the color was starting to feather at my lip-line - I'm starting to get old-lady lip lines! Nooo! (It still beats jowls.)


Kailyn said...

At least you can put a positive spin on it all. As opposed to my hearing from my aunt this past Friday, "You put that photo on a dating site? You know it would be much better if you had been wearing makeup." I then explained to her that in all my other photos, I was indeed wearing makeup despite the fact that I rarely do. I wanted to post something "real."

Joie said...

Ok first, you do not look bad without lipstick. I'm sure nobody meant their compliments as insults. And if they did they stink.

And I'm trying to figure out how to say this right. Forgive me if I mangle it. I think people see things that are different as a sign of something. If you wore lipstick to the office everyday, people probably wouldn't have noticed. (Unless it was a new, or especially good color.) It's like when my husband used to wear dress shirts to work (pre-dress code), everyone always asked if he had an interview. Now that it's the dress code and all the men have to wear dress shirts, nobody thinks a thing of it. But if he wears a tie...... You get the picture.

Tami said...

Kailyn - I post photos with and without makeup also. I figure there is no sense in false advertising!

Joie - I'm sure they notice because it's different. But, I also wondered if she noticed because my hair was different...I've done my hair differently before and had people ask if I was wearing makeup. Or vice-versa. Kind of funny.

Your Mom said...

I had a friend who lost about 40 pounds and was asked if she cut her hair. I think most people do not really look, they only see an overall image so that are not sure what is different.
and- you are beautiful with and without makeup.

Fluffycat said...

The last person at work who asked me if I had a date, I said back to her, "why? are you asking me out?" That shut her up at least. Yeesh.

I agree with what Joie said - people notice the differences and usually aren't meaning to be rude about it.