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Saturday, October 16, 2010


My good friend Kristin is having a Halloween party in a few weeks and I've been looking at ideas for things to bring along. The party is really for the kids (her 2 year old, and bunch of others), so we're not doing anything that might scare the little ones. I'm fine with that, because I'm not too into all of those foods that look like brains and severed body parts.

I have found a lot of great recipe ideas out there on the internet, including this recipe for Spooky Banana-Fudge Cupcakes. Boy do those look good! I also found this site, thanks to Kristin, which I have a feeling I'll be visiting often. The cookie pops intrigued me, because I've always wanted to be able to decorate cookies this way. So, on the same site, I found a tutorial for glazing and also for sugar cookies. Both tutorials have some great tips and now I'm eager to give both techniques a try.

With that in mind, I decided to go through my baking/candy-making drawer (yes, I have a designated drawer for this) to see what I might have on hand for Halloween projects. Mainly, I was looking for my star shaped and moon shaped cookie cutters, which I knew were somewhere in the drawer. Other than that, I really didn't think I had much in the way of Halloween-related items, so I was really surprised to find all of this:

Ignore that Christmas tin in the center...

What you are looking at is a whole slew of candy molds (those jack-o-lantern candy pop molds have a copyright date on them of 1977!) cookie cutters, treat bags and craft sticks. And no, the pumpkin was not in the drawer. That circle tin up there next to the Christmas tin (which I meant to remove before taking the photo - oops!) holds all of these:
I don't think I've ever even used any of these! So, maybe I need to whip up a batch of mini butter cookies, decorate them beautifully (I have high hopes in my limited decorating talent) and use them to top those banana-fudge cupcakes.

Of course, it's more likely that I'll whip up the cupcakes and never get to the cookies, or vice versa... But, I just might be able to do both! I have a few more weeks to plan.


Kristin said...

we can always use the premade sugar cookie dough, and let the kids decorate them. Wow, lots of ideas also. Thanks for your help. I was thinking about making rice krispy treats that have candy corns in them. Maybe also having apples that are faces, you cut a wedge out and decorate them how you want. I can not find the picture online. I have cookie cutters also. I was going to do a centipede large sandwich maybe. Lollipop ghosts, that means putting white sheet over dum dum lollipops and make a ghost, not creative like a candy mold, I would never get that done. Maybe the mummy hot dogs!

Your Mom said...

I am impressed with all the Halloween baking items you have. You even have a pumpkin carving kit! I think the ghosts on a stick would be a cute idea (using the white melting chips from Michaels)- maybe for work, not for the 2-year olds.