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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Long time no see!

Okay, I realize it's been over a year since I've posted here, but I've been thinking about reviving this here old blog... So, this first one is going to be short and sweet (like me, only not as short, and much sweeter).

Over the last year and half, I've been pretty well occupied with the stress of my last job ending (phasing out the end of operations for the closed company) and 3 months of unemployment (which were surprisingly non-stressful). The end of ops at the last job was a little bittersweet - I had some pretty awesome co-workers, and I'd been there for 9 years by the end. Oh yeah, and since I generally don't like change, I was having some pretty nasty IBS symptoms (Or at least, that's what the doctors told me it was most likely to be, after running tests and x-rays) during the last 6 months on the job. The up-side of the IBS symptoms was the weight loss, which I described to my doctor as involuntary anorexia - no appetite, had to force myself to eat. Of course, after finding my new job (which actually found me), all that weight came back with a vengeance. I'm working on that again...

As for the new job, I won't be saying much about that here (too public a forum), but so far it's going pretty well. I ended up with the same old commute though, but have thought about moving closer. Not making any big decisions yet though, since it's only 2 months in.

As for the 3 months in between, I spent lots of time with my family and did some traveling - Boston and Santa Fe. I did the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Sacramento, to benefit local breast cancer research and services in the Sacramento Valley - and I walked it, because I definitely couldn't run it! I also continued my crazy crafting obsession. I took it into my head to attempt knitting again, and it finally took. I don't know why this time was different, but I've finally managed to master the knit stitch and the purl stitch. Of course, that's pretty much the full extent of my skill at this point, though I did try Entrelac. More on that in another post.

Anyway, I think that will be it for now. I need to save something for subsequent posts, after all!


Kristin said...

Actually yes long time no see. We have to get together

BellaKarma said...

I am so freakin' excited to see you back! I'll catch up with your posts this weekend, but I just wanted to drop by and welcome you back. =)