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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Rant

Is it me, or are retail salespeople becoming more rude? Actually, I think I may be over-reacting due to the craptastic day I had at work. I'm sure tonight's Hallmark trip just pushed me over the edge...

So, after an okay morning and a nice lunch hour, I received a litany of snarky emails from the boss, which soured the day. I hit the Weight Watcher's meeting to weigh in, and am now only 15 pounds lighter than I was at my heaviest. The diet has been completely derailed. I blame work stress (which is awful) and my complete lack of will-power. That, and I am so sick of tracking everything I eat. I hate it. I measured myself for yet another bridesmaid's dress the other day and had to order a 12. (I had tried on the dress a few months ago, but David's Bridal didn't write my size down in the file. So, that was a pointless waste of gas.) I haven't been that size in years, so that made me unhappy too.

So, after the poo day (yes, I am mature) and weigh-in, I decided to hit Hallmark to get some packaging for the Father's Day gifts I got for Dad. So, I'm tooling around the store, and then at about 8:10 (I'd already been there a while, mind you) I was looking at some mugs in the front, and the teenager (I'm assuming) standing by the door with another customer, looks at me and says, "Um, we're actually closed? We close at 8?" (I hate it when people speak in all questions. Gee, if you're that unsure, maybe I can convince you otherwise.) So, I look at her and say, "I've been here a while." And she tells me I'd better pay quick then. (I didn't care for the way she said that!)

Anyway, part of what irritated me about this statement was the fact that I'd already been in the store for nearly a half hour and had merchandise in my hand. I had not even been acknowledged by the sales staff. Had they come around the store, which isn't that big to begin with, they would have known there were still people shopping. I've been there in the past, where they check to see if people are there about 5 or 10 minutes before closing and gently remind them that they will be closing. I wouldn't have been annoyed, if she had simply phrased it all differently.

Urgh, definitely over-reacting. I mean, she probably gets minimum wage and wants to go home. But is that an excuse for having no manners?


Joie said...

I'm sorry to hear about the bad day!

If it makes you feel any better, I'm up to my largest size ever too....

I think you have it right that she was just a tired teen who wanted to go home, but you are also entirely right that she was extremely rude. They should have given you a heads up several minutes before the store closed and then when it was time to close just asked if she could ring that up for you. Someone needs some customer service training. I woulda been tempted to hand her the pile of stuff and walk out!

I hope things look up soon!

Fluffycat said...

I think the sizes at David's Bridal are like 2 sizes more than your regular size. They size stuff weirdly there.

Cait said...

who's wedding you going to be in? I know that my wedding dress was 2 sizes bigger than what I was at the time. I ripped the # w/ the tag out of the dress cuz I was so horrified!!

Tami said...

Joie - I was very tempted to place the merchandise on the nearest shelf and leave, but did want to have something to wrap Dad's gift in. I caved.

Fluffycat - I always thought they were bigger too...except it can't be a coincidence that all of my jeans are too tight. Um, except for the size 10 I pulled out of my dresser...

Cait - it is my step-sister's wedding, in November. If the size is on the tag, I will be tempted to remove it. But, even though it will cost me, my goal is to have to alter the dress. (Just hope I don't balloon up to where they need to let it out...)

Christyn said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad day at work. =(

As others mentioned, wedding dress/bridesmaid dress sizes are often several sizes larger than what you really are, so don't let the size 12 scare you.

I had an odd experience at Hallmark last night too. I went in to get Father's Day cards, and there were big signs on the windows saying "25% off sale" "Recession sale", etc. There was also a big yellow sign that said, "Read This" (arrow pointing down) "We do not have, nor will we be selling Father's Day cards. Please refrain from making rude and nasty comments....SERIOUSLY!!"
I thought that was so weird! I ended up going over to Target later in the day, and found Father's day cards, but what Hallmark store does not carry Father's Day cards??? JEEZ!! They are a fricken card store!! I wouldn't have said it to their face, like they asked we refrain from, but goodness!!

Now that it is Saturday, hope you have a nice weekend, and a great time with your Father (and a safe trip too!).

Talk to ya later!


kerri said...

Sorry about your bad day.

What is it with rude people anyway?

What is it with making people have to size up on Bridemaids gowns? Like we all don't feel fat enough to begin with?

What is it with me sounding like Seinfield today? :P

I had a bad day too, the wedding was very blah. :( Weddings can either make you feel great, or like utter crap. That's for sure.

Hope your weekend goes better.