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Monday, October 01, 2007

My Curiosity is Piqued

So, I just got a totally random phone call from a friend of mine. Here's how it went:

Friend: "Quick, I need your address. I can't talk - Dancing With the Stars is on. I'll call you tomorrow."

Me: "Oh my God, you're sad." (Recited address)

Friend: "Okay, gotta go - Call you tomorrow."

That may be the shortest phone call I've ever had. And no, there was no hello. Luckily I was able to recognize her voice. Now, I am dying to know what she needed my address for. As far as I know, she's not engaged or pregnant, and is happy where she's working...hmm.... I am so impatient!!


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that wasn't me! DWTS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kerri said...

duh, that was Kerri

Joie said...

Well, it wasn't me.

Besides, I miss the last bit of DWTS for Heroes. Heroes really ROCKS!!! (I'm such a geek-girl!)

BTW is Marie Osmond cute or what? And poor Jennie Garth! How embarrassing!

Dagny said...

Can't wait to hear what kind of invite you receive.

Kristin said...

Love DWTS. NOpe is wasn't me calling, I did that sunday but needed someone in front of the computer. Who called you? Well keep us informed on what it was.

kerri said...

I KNOW! :) Wayne Newton drives me insane though. :P I hope Jennie doesn't get booted for falling.