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Monday, October 08, 2007

Another Wedding

Well, I helped Kristin with a wedding last Saturday. We ended up spending the night in Napa, since the bridal party/family were staying there, and the wedding was in Rutherford. Plus, we were still running errands Friday night, so it's better that we stayed local.

Saturday morning I drove along Highway 29 to Rutherford. The sky was filled with hot air balloons (okay, not filled, but there were a lot of them taking off or soaring). I've seen the postcards with all of the balloons, but I guess I thought it was during festival time. However, it appears that the hot air balloons are always up in the early mornings (according to someone I spoke to at the reception site). It was cool.

The reception was held at Auberge du Soleil - very nice venue. I set up the entry table and arranged the dessert table and favors. It all looked very nice. Though I must say, it was probably the most expensive reception site I've ever step foot in (I say that now after checking out their website). As I was leaving after the set up, I noticed that I was in the only non-luxury, non-limo on the road until I got back down into the vineyards.

Anyway, here are some shots from the setup. (I forgot my camera, so these are from my cellphone. Not bad for the phone, huh?) Here is the fountain right outside on the terrace, completely covered in flower petals. It looked really neat (better in person, though).

Here is the dessert table. They did cupcakes instead of a traditional cake, but did have a small round cake for the cutting ceremony. And before you ask, no, I didn't taste one. Um, well, I did get a little frosting on my fingers while arranging them, but I hate to say the frosting had no flavor when I licked it off my finger. Fortunately for the guests, the menu included 3 desserts of the chef's choosing.

Anyway, I hope the bride and groom were pleased with the results. I left right after the bridal party arrived from the ceremony (there wasn't enough for me to do after that and Kristin had it covered). Of course, I later learned from Kristin that very shortly after I took off, the mother of the groom lost consciousness. More than just fainted - her bodily functions shut down. I don't know the full story, but I know that they called 911 and she was revived and didn't end up going to the ER. How embarrassing for her though. Kristin blamed the wine, her tiny stature and the jetlag. (Kristin - feel free to embellish.)

Anyway, later that night I went into San Francisco with Christyn and her husband (and the new baby) for dinner and stuff. We all forgot that it was fleet week, and didn't call ahead for reservations anywhere. Everywhere was fully booked until late, so we ended up at Lori's Diner in Ghirardelli Square. And since we were already there...we just had to stop into the Ghirardelli Chocolate Caffe. I was full from dinner, so just got their original Hot Chocolate (rich and excellent!). We were going to meet up with some of Christyn's other friends who were also in the city, but it didn't end up working out, so we headed home.

It was a long Saturday, but a good one. And Sunday I slept in (yay!), started a new book, worked on my Etsy shop and did 2 loads of laundry. Now, back to the usual grind...


Kristin said...

I am still waiting for more info on the previous post.
OK regarding the MOG- she complained she felt dizzy and drank wine to fast and then as they took her outside she fully passed out. Auberge staff did a good job and got the oxygen and coincidently there were 2 doctors at the reception as guests. She ended up being fine and paramedics eventually showed and did not take her to the hospital, just did a lot of checking on her. The bride and groom did a "dirty dancing" dance, just like at the end of the movie, seriously just like it. It was a great comeback to the reception and it brought it back. Later I found out that this is the same site Christina Agulaira (spelling) got married. Bride were super happy with all and Tami you did a fantastic job. Thanks for everything.

Dagny said...

Yum. Lori's and Ghirardelli.

And thanks, Kristin, for the reminder about Christina. I kept thinking, "I've seen the place on one of those celeb shows." Of course, I have also driven past it numerous times. Beautiful place for a wedding.

Christyn said...

Thanks for going out to the city with us for my birthday...hope you weren't too bored. :)

kerri said...

How fun! It's my dream to get married around there. BTW, I'll be in SF Sunday-Tuesday for a conference. Call me on my cell.