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Monday, December 11, 2006

The Girl in the Bubble?

I really think I'm too cynical for this one to be correct... I just might have to take it again. (To take this one, click on the link in the pink section, and from the website that comes up, click on "extras" and then the quiz link.)


Dagny said...

Apparently I am "The Tantric Master." hehe

Joie said...


Well, you are awfully cute!!!!

(That one takes a while to take, doesn't it??)

I was the Midas Touch.

Kristin said...

uh...ok, you uh..... are weird

David said...

ookieOr really are a sweetie underneath it all. I mean, stranger things have happened, right?

I wanna take the quiz, but the stupid link isnt working...ugh...what gives?!

Christyn said...

Tami - more proof we are alike. LOL...I got the bubble. HOW?????

And i'm with the was a long quiz!!