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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Festive Frenzy

I can't write much tonight, but thought maybe I'd check in for a few. I've been crazy busy at work this week, staying late each night except for tonight. I realized a few days ago, thanks in part to my friend Caitlin's new blog (I'd link, but I haven't gotten her permission yet and I don't want to make assumptions), that Christmas is the weekend after next. How did it creep up so fast? I haven't wrapped a single gift (other than the one that went to my secret pal) or sent a single card! I feel like such a slacker.

But, today was the company Christmas party, when they treat us all to a catered late lunch and entertainment by the cheesiest dj on Earth. After the party, we all get to go home. So, I got out around 3pm, and was finally able to do some real Christmas shopping. I had a lot done already from before and immediately after Thanksgiving, but still had some people on my list to take care of. I think I finally made some good progress today. I think the only one I have nothing for is my youngest step-brother. And I had to stop myself from buying more for Gino (so easy! But I did pick up a plush Star-Bellied Sneetch for him at Kohl's - how could I pass it up for only $5? Too bad they didn't have the reindeer dog from the Grinch though.)

So, how come I work late, get home at 8pm and have no energy or motivation to do anything? But, I work half a day, overeat over-rated free food, socialize with co-workers, and I can go home, shop for three hours and get home at the same time as usual with motivation to write up some Christmas cards? (I didn't get far on that score though - had to jump online and pay some bills. Then I got distracted.) Go figure.

Well, I'd better go now. I'm headed to my mother's this weekend to bake cookies with her and some family friends. We did it last year too. It's fun - and fattening - all at the same time!


Caitlin said...

I'm jealous that your company gives you a free xmas party. We have to pay for ours. How lame is that???
Sounds like a fun weekend you have planned. I want some cookies.
Say hi to your mom for me :)

Joie said...


How cute!!! Love, love, love Dr. Seuss!
I just saw the Green Eggs and Ham cookbook in Borders. SO funny!! It had Yink-pink-ink drink. OMG! So great. And Who pudding and Who Roast Beast!! (Just to name a few) Hee hee!!

I may be visiting Kohls.....

Happy baking!!

Tami said...

Joie! You saw a Green Eggs & Ham Cookbook and you didn't nab it for me and/or Kerri!? ARGH!! MUST HAVE! (And me with no kids and all...)

Joie said...

I didn't even nab it for me!!
And it was tempting!

But at $17 of unbudgeted for fun, it had to wait.


Fluffycat said...

I always forget that Kohl's has other stuff. Those sneeches sound awesome. As does getting out of work early.

Kristin said...

I saw a green eggs and ham cookbook too. I may be able to figure out where. Hehehehe