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Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Late Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a happy holiday, and a few good days away from work. I was busy driving around to see Mom and then Dad. And, since I didn't have anyone to feed the cat while I was gone for 4 days, I brought the cat with me. (Mom's idea...)

So, here's what I learned about my sweet little kitty:

1) She does NOT like travelling... to the point where if she stopped yowling for more than 4 seconds, I started to wonder if she was still breathing. (Seriously - the entire way in the car.)

2) She does not get carsick or relieve herself in the carrier. (Yay! My old cat Blackie used to vomit at least once during every car trip - even short ones.)

3) Gracie does not like being closed into a small bedroom with her food and litter box. (She was fine at Mom's, where she had a good sized bedroom and access to the jack and jill bathroom. When she was alone in the bedroom at Dad's for 2 hours, she clawed a naked strip into the carpet under the door...I feel bad about that, as now Dad's carpet is pretty much ruined. And I closed her in the room because she's afraid of the dogs. Poor kitty - I think she was terrorized when she was still a stray. She's fine with people, even my 2 year old brother who is obsessed with cats, and repeatedly yells "kitty" up close to her head. But, she's terrified of other animals. Otherwise, she'd have had free reign in both houses.)

4) My sweet little kitty is morbidly obese! I guess I must overfeed her...When I got her, she was underweight, and slowly gained. I guess she didn't stop gaining...and I see her daily so I didn't really notice. I think I will cut her wet food consumption down to half a can a day instead of a full one. Dad suggested I get her weight loss formula food too. Maybe I will do a search on cat nutrition and figure out what she should be getting daily. I "free feed" her, so she always has dry food. Am I a bad cat mom?

Well, back to work tomorrow. So, that being said, I should already be in bed! (It appears that Gracie is happy to be home, messy as it is...she is sprinting across the living room and into and out of the bedrooms.)

I also changed to the Google Blogger, so I hope it doesn't screw up anything about my page.


Fluffycat said...

You are way braver than me. I would never try to drag my cats anywhere by car.

They do sell a lot of lite cat foods. I usually give my adult cat a third can of fancy feast twice a day. She is a small (8.5 lb) cat. It's hard to get cats to lose weight, but I think having less wet food and lite dry food is a good start.

D.T. said...

In my opinion, fat cats are better because they're way more interesting. Kinda like Garfield. But then I guess she wouldnt be as interesting if she got a heart attack or something...knock on wood, rabbit, rabbit!

Anyways, I was gonna ask you, how's Google Blogger treating you? I'm thinking of switching...but I dont know...

Tami said...

Fluffycat - Braver? Or possibly less intelligent? I'm almost out of the dry food I give her now, so at least I won't be wasting a lot if I buy a new kind.

DT - I haven't had much time to explore the beta Blogger yet, since I just transitioned last night. I have had some sign-on issues already though, trying to figure out my username and what password I chose, but that's pretty much user error...

riya said...
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