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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Thank God it's Over.

Today was my court date for the speeding ticket fiasco of 2006. I arrived at the courthouse a full half hour early. For all of you who know me at all, you know this is highly unusual! I was just so worried that I'd sleep through my alarm and miss the my body decided it would wake up an hour before the alarm was set to go off and not let me go back to sleep.

So then I had to wait outside the closed doors to the courtroom for 1/2 hour before they unlocked the room. During the wait, I met a young girl who seemed very nice and was waiting there with her mother. I figured she was contesting a speeding ticket or something...but, once the judge (who was 20 minutes late due to an accident on I-80) got in and started calling up the criminal arraignments, this sweet looking girl was up there for violation of parole! DUI charges with jail time, of which she had only served 4 days of the 6 required. I guess you really can't judge a book by it's cover!

Anyway, I was the first traffic case called, so I stepped up to the podium and calmly stated my tale of woe...The judge looked in my file and stated that she believed that I was never notified of the actual appearance date, as it was crossed out in red marker with a later date written in. I pled no contest to the speeding ticket itself (as I was attempting to pay it and attend traffic school in the first place). So, the judge lowered my total fine for the ticket to $60, dropping the collection fees as well. And I can take traffic school to get it off my record. Phew!!

Now, I can breathe again!

And after paying my fine (after the court fee, admin fee and traffic school fee, it was $119 - still saved me $379 smackers!), I walked out of the building and was met with a shocking and horrifying sight... The woman walking a few paces ahead of me was wearing what at first glance looked like a normal outfit - white cotton jacket/shirt, cropped jeans...keep it comes...FLAMINGO PINK patent leather (maybe pleather - I certainly didn't touch them!) stilleto heeled boots!! Why??? Was that why she was in court? Was she pulled in by the fashion police? (And judging by most of the other attendees in court this morning, there truly is no such thing...)


Dagny said...

Congrats on resolving the ticket issue. As if I had any doubt that you would.

Joie said...

Yea You!!!!

And I know that scared the bejesus out of you; it would me too....

It's so good when the little guy triumphs!! (What? No, I'm not calling you short! You KNOW what I mean!!)

Whew! Big sigh of relief!

D.T. said...

Ew. That fashion victim was obviously being detained for assult on a deadly wardrobe. Right? She reminds me of Wendi with an I's aunt, who works in the same building of the flower shop, and wears 80's style, faux pas suede boots that scrunch at the have no idea how much it offends me to go into work and see such horrifying shoe wear.

Oh, yeah...YAY on beating the system! I was rootin' for ya and I'm so glad it worked in your favor! I guess good things still do happen to good people.

Gloria said...

I remember when I got a speeding ticket in RI. It was one big fat scam - since it was my first offense, it was dismissed, but I still had to pay tremendous court fees, which sucked.

Tami said...

It's all a big scam! You know they count on us all just fronting the cash when they hit us with the collection - and that's how they make thier money! And I was so stressed about all of this that I almost just paid it...but then I kept thinking that that is what the system is counting on, so I refused. And in my case, it's not like I was ignoring a ticket - I had followed all of their own rules - they (the court/cop/clerks) had not.

Anonymous said...

Woooohoooo! Tami beat the rap. We all knew you 'wuz framed', girl! LOL! I'm GLAD I finally had a chance to read your blog today & catch up! I'd missed reading it!