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Monday, November 08, 2010

Cry for Help

Pick a winner!

Okay, it's a bit less of a cry, and really just more of a polite request. I have made 3 practice swatches of different mitred squares (see above). Which one do you like best? I'm personally leaning towards the stockinette stitch, because I think it looks the best. But, the garter stitch square is the easiest, and results in the squishiest and softest texture.

I have decided to make a blanket for my 6 year old little brother, as a Christmas gift. I usually take some project or other with me when I go visit my Dad, and Gino always asks who it's for. The last few times I had been working on different baby blankets (for different babies), and now he just asks me if what I'm making is for "the baby." Not too long ago, he asked me why I didn't make one for him. I asked him if he'd like me to make him a blanket and he got kind of excited looking and said yes. So, I decided to do it. It's hard to resist those big brown eyes looking up at you!

I did ask him what colors he liked, and while I honestly can't remember the exact color combo he gave me, I do remember that it was a bright and garish selection. He's only 6 - what can I say? I have settled on a palette of greens, cream/brown, and grayish. The yarn will be Loops & Threads (Michael's brand) Charisma, which is a chunky acrylic. I wanted something that would be easy to care for (you're welcome Dad) and quick to work up. After buying a sample skein to test with, I was happy with the feeling of the swatches.

But really, which stitch do you like best? (Keep in mind that the garter stitch square is only that small because I was running out of the sample yarn.)

Thanks for your help!

*Lesson learned while swatching: Always make sure to read (and more importantly to understand) any special stitches to be used in your pattern before getting to the end of your project and wondering why your square is curvy...oops!


Moriah said...

I like the garter or crochet, but single crochet takes awhile. Why not try a half double stitch?

sailorchick said...

I don't know anything about crocheting, but that Stockinette pattern looks very cool!

dad said...

Unfortunately, I can't tell one from the other...but I am sure Gino won't care. He will be very excited!

Mauree said...

I say go for the softest!! Although, the stockinette is very cool looking. How lucky is your brother!?!? You are so thoughtful and talented.

I keep saying I'm going to crochet again, I have so many blankets that are halfway there, I just can't find the time. Maybe I should give up FB until I finish a blanket. ;)

doxielvr08 said...

I like the one on the right

Tami said...

Poop! 2 votes for each one, from my count. I'm back where I started!

Your Mom said...

The single crochet looks neater,and the colors don't seem to be bleedibng into each other. I vote for it. And yes, your brother is very lucky!