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Sunday, March 09, 2008


I just realized that it's been a long time since I wrote anything in here. So, here's what's been occupying my time...

I am a little too addicted to OKCupid, for which I completely blame Dagny. I created an account so I could take the Which Winnie the Pooh Character are You test (I'm Eeyore), and now I'm a test-a-holic. And I've pulled a friend or two down with me...You know who you are.

They've shifted us to the first floor at work, for the time being. So, my department, as well as all the others left still employed in the building, are now all sitting in one wing in the building. The rest of the place is being emptied out before our eyes by a couple of incredibly obnoxious used office furniture liquidators.

I'm helping to plan a baby shower for Kristin, which will be next Saturday. I have decided on what to make for dessert, and need to finalize the games, but have to re-connect with my co-conspirator first.

I haven't done anything with my Etsy shop since the new year. Not very ambitious of me, I know. I have made a few iPod cases (first one for me), and sold one to a co-worker. I should probably try posting one to Etsy to see if it might sell.

Another new obsession, which is Kerri's fault, is a newfound Jane Austen appreciation. She's gotten me hooked on the PBS Jane Austen movies, and I just finished The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen, which is a fictionalized romance written like a memoir. It was very good, and I would recommend it to Austen fans. Now, the next step is to read some of Austen's novels, as opposed to just watching all the movies!

And I realized about an hour ago, when I turned on the TV and saw the time, that I had forgotten to reset my clocks last night! Whoops! And I knew it was this weekend, too. So, had I not fallen prey to my TV addiction, I'd have shown up for mass tonight an hour late.


Dagny said...

And here I was saying it has been some time since I've gone to check out OKCupid. lol

I did just finish watching The Jane Austen Book Club on DVD this weekend.

Kristin said...

I wont be part of any addiction to the cupid thing
Who is jane austen? OOOO the clocks and time and tami. Go figure.

Kerri said...

Yeah, right, Blame me. That's ok, I blame YOU for the Okcupid obsession I now have. I really need to quit that site, it only feeds my obsession for quizzes, and gives me poor self-esteem in all other *areas". :( Anyway, I forgot to record Pride and Prejudice the other day. I'm totally bummed.

Christyn said...

Hey, didn't I email you on Friday about the time change?? :)
Well, if you had been up at 9am this morning (the true 9am..for today), and were watching KRON 4...they had forgotten to change the time on their little clock that shows during the newshour! Jim was asking me..."Are you sure the time change was THIS weekend??" After the commercial break, KRON figured it out and updated the time. WHOOPS!!
See you tomorrow!

Joie said...

Ah, so that's what you've been up to. I tried to take the OKCupid Disney character test you posted, but was so cross that they would make me join to give me my results that I refused... No OKCupid for me...

Can I snicker at you for missing daylights savings?? Don't feel bad. Andy and I once forgot and showed up just as our church services were ending.. Ooops!