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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Don't Waste Your Time

I watched Sofia Coppola's version of Marie Antionette this evening. Well...I am highly grateful that I didn't pay full price to see it in a theatre, or even to rent it! (God bless the public library.)

I had read some bad reviews of the movie before watching it (quite a while before), but was still interested, because I thought it was a neat concept. History set to modern music. A lot of the reviewers were bothered by the rock music, modern speech, etc. None of that bothered me, since I knew it was Coppola's vision. The part of her vision that ruined the film for me was the mind-numbing drawn out slowness...

Yes, the scenery and costuming are visually stunning. Yes, we all know how it ends. But really, how do you make the French Revolution so completely devoid of action? Not to mention the rest of the movie leading up to that part. I was really surprised to be this bored by this movie... And yet, I made myself watch the whole thing.

Sorry is just so rare for me to get so little enjoyment out of a film!


Joie said...

Ok, wow!

I guess we won't be adding that one to our Netflicks list. (I had been thinking about it)
Too bad, the stills I've seen of the costuming are awesome!

PS. Check my blog for some kitten cuteness...

Orelinde_03 said...

I am not a fan of Sophia Copola's at all. Thus I did not want to see her rendition of this historical period of time.

Now it's on some of the movie channels (I think HBO) but I still will not be watching it.

Thanks for clearifying that I am not missing anything.

Kerri said...

Yep. Told you. Lame. :) I refuse to watch it because I heard it's so lame.